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Why is My HP Printer Not Printing?

Don’t you know the reason of facing HP Printer Not Printing type of issue? Before a few minute ago your printer works pretty well but then they stop printing and start spouting out error messages. So, just because of the following points, you may encounter such an issue:

  1. There might be basic problem with printer device but it is hard to find out by the own
  2. There could be wired and wireless network printing issues
  3. Might be problems with USB cable connection
  4. Software upgrades and printer driver problems
  5. Paper jam issues
  6. Ink and toner issues

Therefore, make sure your printer does not having any of the above issues. But, if it has anyone of them issues, then eliminate them from the root with the help of qualified technicians and then let your printer print without any hindrance.

hp printer not printing
fix issue hp printer not printing

How To Fix An Issue My HP Printer Is Not Printing?

The printer is somehow printing but HP Printer Not Printing Black or printed output is missing black color. If such thing also happens to you, then don’t think that it won’t be eliminated. Such a printing issue can be fixed by using only genuine HP cartridges. Additionally, you can also remove the black cartridge to print only with the tri-color cartridge, replace any empty or defective cartridges or clean the printhead. If there is an urgent requirement of any handout of yours and also the quality of printout is not a concern, then you can print in backup mode.

Get Reliable Assistance To Cope-Up HP Printer Not Printing Black Issue

Yes, my friend! If you are unable to deal with the glitches HP Printer Not Printing, then it is our suggestion to keep on reading this page as our technical writer have mentioned all the possible or effective ways to cope-up such an annoying hurdles from top-to-toe. Hence give a look at the below points once:

1. Perform Basic Troubleshooting

  1. Check the status of connection between your HP printer and your computer
  2. Make sure there is proper connection with each other
  3. The network or the cable you use should be in normal
  4. Try to restart both the device HP Printer and your operating system

2. Update or Reinstall HP Printer Driver

In most of the cases, HP printer does not print any document just because of using faulty driver. Hence, update HP printer driver as soon as possible and make your print work appropriately.

3. Set Your Printer As Default

  1. Tap “Window logo key” and “R” key simultaneously from your keyboard
  2. After that “Run” page will be opened, so type “Control” and hit “Enter”
  3. You will find “Control Panel” page is opened on the screen
  4. Find “Device and Drivers” in the control panel page and then tap on it
  5. Press right on “HP printer” that you will find in the “Printers” section and then select “Set as default printer”
  6. Click “Yes” if prompted
  7. You will see a tick below the icon of HP printer which shows it sets as default printer

4. Cancel All Print Jobs

  1. Firstly open “Devices and Printers” from the control panel option
  2. Right click on the “HP Printer” and select “See what’s printing”
  3. Now, open “Printer” menu and then choose “Open As Administrator”
  4. Open printer menu again and choose “Cancel All Documents”
  5. After that click “Yes” button to confirm
  6. Now, the all printing jobs have been canceled, so see whether it is running normally now or not

For sure, if you follow-up any of these given directions, your printer will print out in black color. You will be happily using your HP printer device in printing or working anything.

What To Do If HP Printer Not Printing?

You should nothing to do at the time of finding your HP Printer Not Printing Black because we have tech-savvy person who work 24/7 continuously only to assist you in a proper manner. You only required to do is to place a call on our provided helpline number and get united with the technicians hassle-freely. They are talented and user-friendly in nature, so your doubt will be cleared out within a pinch. You will be proffered the top-most quality type solutions which can be effective and efficacious for you. Making connection with techies is the best way to get removed your hurdles within a minute.

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