HP Printers are widely used for printing, scanning or faxing the documents. Despite being reliable and affordable printing machine, it may have malfunction. There can be several factors for printer stop functioning issue. In this guide, we compile various different HP Printer Error Codes that generally been appeared during print job and makes the users too much infuriation. Therefore, if your printer has stopped printing for any reason, let’s walk-through the post find out the perfect solution.

hp printer error code
hp printer error code

The Full HP Printer Error Code List With Impeccable Solutions

HP Printer Error Code 49: 

This error code is normally caused by a communication failure between the computer and printer device. Such an error will stick your printer in a loop and hence telling you to turn it off and then on back. Step-by-step fixing guides for HP Printer Error Code 49 are mentioned below:

  1. There might be something is messed up in your printer queue due to which you receive this error. In     order to get rid of it, you should clear the print queue.
  2.  You should also perform a cold reset to restore all factory settings
  3. Install the latest printer driver .

HP Smart Test Error Code 303: 

This nasty problem can be faced by there is issue with hard driver. That’s why; you are highly recommended to check your hard drive and in case any kind of fault is having with the platter, then hard drive may be defective, dead or damaged. Therefore, replace that hard drive as soon as possible in a way to fix it.

HP Printer Error Code 79: 

The HP Printer Error Code 79 indicates that the print job is corrupt or the printer firmware is outdated. If the same problem is experienced to you, don’t lose your hope as you can easily eradicate this error code. What you exactly have to do is to update the printer’s firmware to the latest version and then restart both your computer and printer. Now, let’s print!

HP Printer Error Code 30:

Generally, the error code 30 indicates that the printer isn’t activated even though it’s well-connected to both the wall plug and the computer. The issue is straightforward: there is a problem with your drivers, and it would be the best to install the upgraded version of printer driver.

Simply, you have to go to your Control Panel and find your printer, make it uninstall. Then, search for any HP drivers if installed any on your PC and remove them as well. Then after, you should disconnect the printer from the computer and connect it again, then go to HP’s official web page, find your printer model that you are having and download the full driver suite for it.

HP Printer Error Code 0x6100004a: 

Such an error code is been occurred if there is any paper jammed, ink cartridge is low or a printer failure. To keep things on the bright side, first you are required to remove all papers that are stuck inside the printer and then load a new one appropriately to see if the error has been resolved.

If the same error code still exists during print job, then turn off your printer, remove the ink cartridges, turn it back on and perform a hard reset. Afterwards, install the ink cartridges and print to test. This HP Printer troubleshooting guide will be helpful in repairing your printer and bring it back in functioning well.

HP Printer Text Error Messages A-Z: 

The text error codes are very easy to decode and rectify them as the entire issue is properly mentioned onto the printer display screen. Sometimes the text error messages you received regarding your printer gives you clearance about its solutions to rectify the error hassle-freely.

Hope the above noted HP Printer Error Code List along with specific solutions helps the readers to better understand in making the problem solved. However, for additional support, one should contact our tech-specialists through provided helpline number.