Trying to change or replace your empty ink cartridge can be a hassle for first-time doers as it involves a lot of precision and the possibilities of raising errors is much higher. But do not worry, as this happens every now and then with most of the users using printers. After changing the printer’s ink cartridge users usually get a common error where the printer does not recognize the cartridge changes. Find empty ink levels or the ink cartridge is not compatible with your Printer, etc. As a result of which users come with a very common question i.e. How to override HP ink cartridge error? Luckily, the possible solutions to resolve this error are way more easy to practice. 

Here in this guide, we will help you in identifying the possible reasons that cause this problem and 8 ways to answer How to override HP ink cartridge error.

Common reasons why an HP printer shows ink cartridge error-

Reason 1: The Ink cartridge is not properly installed in the slot

The ink cartridges must be inserted in their respective slots correctly. But, it seems that most of the time, when we insert the cartridge. It is left on the surface and doesn’t get attached in the slot below because of which the printer can’t detect the ink cartridges we added and as a consequence shows the error message.

To avoid this situation, whenever you insert the ink cartridge make sure it is clicked in or the toner is not faulty or broken.

Reason 2: Reset Internal memory

Whenever we change the empty cartridge to a new ink cartridge, the printer is supposed to reset its internal memory so it could reset the ink levels. But due to some technical faults. Sometimes the printer is unable to do it correctly and assumes that the old cartridge is inserted and not the new one which causes an empty ink cartridge error.

Reason 3: Protective covers are not removed

New cartridges come wrapped up in strips, plastic covers etc. Make sure you remove any sort of protective covers before installing it in the printer. Otherwise, the printer will not be able to register a new cartridge and unfortunately shows the error.

Reason 4: Dirty / damaged contact chips in the printer

The toner or ink cartridge has metal contact attached to it which, when connected with the contact chips inside the printer allows them to communicate property. When the metal chips inside the printer are dirty or faulty, they are unable to connect with the ink cartridge and that leads to improper communication. It’s important to check that these metal chips are clean before inserting the new cartridge.

Reason 5: HP Cartridge Protection is enabled

You might have enabled ‘enable cartridge protection’ on your system to prevent other compatible cartridges from working on your machine. You can simply switch off this option when you are adding a new cartridge.

How to override HP ink cartridge error in 8 simple steps

While buying an ink cartridge, you need to assure that the cartridge is of good quality and compatible with your system. If this is the case. Then nothing can stop you from using your printer with the same cartridge irrespective of the place you have bought it from.

So, sit tight and check out 8 different ways to get through this situation and get yourself an answer to ‘how to override HP ink cartridge error’?  

Resetting the printer memory

  1. Insert the old cartridge in your printer
  2. Let it still for at least 10 minutes
  3. Replace the old cartridge with a new ink cartridge. Make sure to remove all the stickers or packaging sheets from the cartridge before inserting it. Check the metallic chips of the printer are clean and undamaged.
  4. Switch off the power button of your printer
  5. Remove the power cord of the printer from the power source. To shut down the printer completely.  You need to perform both the steps else the printer can go in sleep mode for some time and will not shut down completely. Leave the printer idle for 10 minutes.
  6. Reconnect the power plug to the power source in the wall.
  7. Try adding the new printer cartridge
  8. Switch on the power using the power button

Cleaning of metal contacts (if your ink cartridge has it)

Metal contacts are generally flat thin pieces of copper metal attached to the back of the ink cartridge or on one side. It’s important to clean it for proper connection between the printer and the cartridge.

  1. Remove the cartridge and place it safely on a clean surface.
  2. Check the metal contacts on the ink cartridge and for the connection point inside the printer.
  3. Clean all the dirt from both with a clean dry cloth.
  4. Install the new cartridge
  5. Power on the printer and try printing.


Hope the aforementioned steps will answer all your queries related to how to override HP ink cartridge error in the easiest possible way. If the issue persists, speak to the HP Support team immediately and get away around to troubleshoot the issue.