A printer is a way via which you can simply covert the hard copy of your document to the software. Along with that, you can copy or fax any kind of document or photograph with optimum ease. However, before you print anything, you should first connect your printer to Wi-Fi for the complete setup. For that, you should know How to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi so that you can easily setup the connection.

How To Connect Hp Printer To Wi-Fi Successfully With Ease?
How To Connect Hp Printer To Wi-Fi Successfully With Ease?

Things To Make Sure Before You Begin:

Before you start, you should make sure the following things:

  • First you need to confirm that you have high internet connection such as broadband connection.
  • Also, you should ensure that your router, as well as the computer system, is in the active mode.
  • Apart from that, you need to load an accurate size of the paper stack in the paper tray.
  • Lastly, you will have to turn your Hp Printer on and place it nearby the router.

After that, you need to go with the below-mentioned methods step by step. You can easily perform the setup operation successfully in a trouble-free manner. Following are the suitable methods you should implement to do so:

Method 1:

Connect Hp Printer To Wi-Fi Using WPS: 

First of all, you should make sure that your router and your HP printer both support WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).  After confirmation, you should move to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi. For that, you should implement these easy steps carefully.  

  • Push the WPS button form your printer and then router within 15 to 20 seconds.
  • You need to navigate to the control panel of your HP printer to start the WPS push button mode.
  • Here, you also need to tap the ‘Wireless’ menu, then opt for the option says ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’ option.
  • Follow the instructions appearing on-screen to complete the setup.

Method 2:

Connect HP Printer To Wi-Fi:

  • First of all, you will have to place your printer nearby your router.
  • Also, you need to load the paper stack and install the ink cartridges.
  • Apart from that, you will have to download the driver and install the software for your HP printer first.
  • After that, you should turn on your printer and also go to the ‘Network Connection Type’ option.
  • In the next step, you need to choose the ‘Wireless’ option and click on the ‘Yes, send my wireless settings’.
  • Wait a few minutes till your printer connects to your Wi-Fi and just click on the ‘Finish’ once done.
  • Now your HP printer is ready to cater to your printing needs.

Sometimes, while connecting your HP printer, you might come across a wide variety of obstacles and hurdles. However, you should consider resetting HP printer Wi-Fi connection so that you can perform the HP Printer Setup operation. Below are some easy steps you need to implement carefully to reset the Wi-Fi connection:

How To Reset HP Printer Wi-Fi Connection?

  • First of all, you should connect the electric cord of your printer to the wall outlet.
  • In the next step, you need to make sure that your printer and router are in the range to each other.
  • After that, you have to press the ‘On’ button to turn your HP printer on.
  • Once done, you will come across a wireless light which starts blinking.
  • To perform a Wi-Fi reset, you should press and hold the ‘Ability’ button for a couple of seconds.
  • Here, you need to press the ‘Copy’ button twice and the ‘Cancel’ button thrice.
  • After that, you should release the ‘On’ button until a Wi-Fi light blinks to finish off the reset operation.

What Else You Are Not Capable Of Performing HP Printer Setup Operation?

Due to a wide variety of problems and glitches, you might face inconveniences while performing the HP Printer Setup operation. However, you can easily take proper instructions along with the suggestion and directions from the HP experts. What you need to do is to simply approach these ingenious professionals and ask for help. They will surely suggest the proper way to get success in what you are looking to do. Also, they will help you to resolve the mishaps you encounter while performing the above-mentioned steps.