As we know many printers that are used in current era have multiple ink cartridges that are used when one sent a picture or document to the printer for printing. Though, HP Inkjet Printers is also considering one such printer having immense ink cartridges to be used while printing. But when one of the ink cartridges goes out or the level of ink is low, then the printer won’t print anything until the cartridge has been installed. However, the printer would work to print even if there is only one full ink cartridge left in the printer.

You can print with only one ink cartridge by just changing the printer “Property” options before printing.Therefore, what I want to say you that if you want a printout only in black & white color from your HP Inkjet printers, then you should just change the settings in the HP software. To know the steps of changing in the HP software settings, you can immediately contact to HP Support. The technical professional team will suggest you the real process of using one ink cartridge that is black in your print job.

HP Inkjet Printers - Printing with Black Ink Only (Windows)
HP Inkjet Printers – Printing with Black Ink Only (Windows)

Efficient Guidelines For HP Inkjet Printers – Printing with Black Ink Only (Windows)

The following steps are about changing in the print settings to print with black ink only for single print jobs. Have a glimpse at once:

Note: Before trying to change the print settings, one point you should remember that there should be full feature printer software installed on your computer to change this print setting.

  1. Go to the HP printer software application section and tap on “Print” button
  2. Now, choose your printer from the list of available printers
  3. After that, click the option that opens-up the “Printer Properties” dialog box
  4. On the ‘Properties’ window, click the Paper/Quality or Features tab, depending on your software
  5. To print using only the black ink cartridge, change one of the following settings depending on what shows onto the screen
  6. Click “Advanced”, tap“Print in Grayscale”, and then choose the option“Black Ink Only”
  7. Click the Black & White button
  8. To print high quality black & white documents or photos, change one of the following settings depending on what displays
  9. Click “Advanced”, click “Print in Grayscale”, and then opt for“Print in Grayscale” or “High Quality Grayscale”
  10. Click Print in Grayscale, and then select High Quality Grayscale
  11. After making successfully changes in the print settings, you need to click “OK” and then tap “Print” to start print job
  12. Doing this, the printer will print the documents or photos only in black ink

Dial HP Support Number For Instant Help At Reasonable Cost

Is your HP Printer Not Printing yet in black & white color even after making changes in software settings? Don’t you know what to do next for using only a single black ink cartridge? If yes, then stop being worried as we have professional talented team who will provide you the exact possible solution of such problem. So, instead putting much effort in finding the solutions, place a call at HP Support Number as soon as possible and get one-stop remedy at no cost.