HP Printer Won’t Print Black is a very common issue that most of the users confront while using HP Printers. There are multiple reasons for the occurrence of such problems. So, you are required to find the exact cause of the problem first and then find the right solution for this related issue. That’s why we are here to help! Here you will find all the possible ways to rectify the error.

The best way to fix HP Printer Won’t Print Black issue is to eliminate all the possible causes one by one. You can’t print or copy in black ink until and unless you troubleshoot this problem. Therefore, try to eliminate this issue as soon as possible and print out your document in a perfect way.

It’s a very common situation: you need to print something and your printer is not printing in black. You directly visit Google and search for the steps to resolve this problem but unfortunately, you do not find the actual steps of it. But we’ve put together a list of result-oriented steps that you can perform when your HP printer won’t print black.

So, follow the below points and try out all these mentioned procedures one by one if you wish to get rid of these complicated hurdles.

Resolve Printing Not Printing Black Error: Some Basics Tips To Start With-

  1. Turn off your printer completely and even unplug the power source of it. Disconnect all the USB cables and after waiting for a few minutes then reconnect your printer and plug it back.
  2. Now print a “Print Test Page”
  1. You will easily locate this option on your printer’s display screen, but you are unable to find it, use your printer manual guide for the instructions.
  2. Now check your printer ink levels on the printer display screen, check the ink volume in your cartridges. If you are using aftermarket cartridges that don’t show up the ink level, then you have to look for another way to ensure whether your ink cartridge is at fault or not.

After these basic tips, if still your HP printer not printing black, try the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps.

Steps To Fix HP Printer Won’t Print Black Issue

Check out all the procedure carefully to rectify the printer is not printing black issue and make use of this in your HP printer device:

Step 1: Check Ink Cartridge as HP Printer Won’t Print Black

  1. There are LCD touch-screen panels on HP Printer that allows you to check the level of ink.
  2. You have to use a control panel to navigate “Ink Levels”.
  3. The checking process of the ink level might differ with each model. So, check it out very carefully.

Step 2: Remove The Plastic Tape From Your New Cartridge

You may install a new black ink cartridge but forget to remove the protective plastic tape. This pretty small mistake will rise the HP printer not printing black issues. Hence, double-check!

Remove the black ink cartridge and eliminate the protective tape. In case you do not know what to do for removing the plastic tape, you can take help from the Hp printer manual. According to previous statics, there is a rare case of engaging with this failure.

Step 3: Clean the Cartridge When facing HP Printer Not Printing

Use a cotton swab to clean the ink cartridge. By using cotton wipe away all the dirt or dried ink from the print header. And also, clean the printer heads.

Step 4: Accomplish Print Cartridge Alignment

You should run “Self-Test Diagnostic” and “Print Cartridge Alignment” to eradicate the issue of black ink not printing. If you receive an error message “Print cartridge alignment failed”, you need to follow the below troubleshooting steps.

  1. Load A4 size paper
  2. Press the “Setup” button
  3. Now scroll down to select Tools and then press OK
  4. Again scroll down your cursor to select Align Print Cartridges, and then press OK
  5. Now, your printer will adjust, and also you can print an alignment page

Step 5: Run Diagnostic Software

If none of the above troubleshooting procedures help, you need to download and run the “HP Print and Scan Doctor” software provided by the company. Here are the steps you have to go through to solve the HP printer won’t print black issue.

  1. Install the “HP Print and Scan Doctor” from the official site
  2. Now open this software and tap the “Start” button from your Window screen
  3. Choose your usable Printer from the list and then click “Next”
  4. On the next screen, select Fix Printing
  5. Such an installed software will try to diagnose and fix the print not printing black issue

First of all, you must have to diagnose the real cause of the HP printer won’t print in black and thereafter, you must follow the equivalent steps to eliminate it. You can go away from a wide range of technical issues. In addition to this, you can take the help of certified professionals when these steps cannot help you to remove printer not printing issue.

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