Wi-Fi Protected setup (WPS) is a feature that enables you to effortlessly connect WPS supported client devices. That is wireless printers with your router over a wireless connection. It also allows you to print documents or photos without staying near the device. This is a secure way of connecting to a device just by entering a PIN number for authentication. To know the detailed procedure about this, you can grab HP Printer Support and take assistance from highly advanced professionals. They will assist you to set up HP printer with WPS pin so that you can resume your printing without any issue.

Suppose, you have successfully installed your new HP printer on windows 10 PC and when you add it to another PC on the wireless network, it says enter printer’s wps pin. Beside, you don’t have any idea what is WPS pin and where you can found it? Don’t be worried just follow the mentioned points to know more about this.

find WPS Pin on HP Printer and Establish

find WPS Pin on HP Printer and Establish

Go after the given below steps to find the WPS PIN in easy steps:

Step 1-Firstly, switch on the wireless router and ensure that the activity light in blinking

Step 2-Simply, turn on the printer and enable Wi-Fi feature

Step 3-On the control panel, click on the wireless settings option

Step 4-Choose the Wi-Fi protected setup option

Step 5-Click on the PIN setup and from the list select your network

Step 6-Enter the password and wait for few seconds until authentication process gets complete.

Step 7-Click OK when the connection is established

Step 8-Now, print the network configuration page

Step 9-Here, you will see WPS PIN.

When you get the WPS PIN of your HP printer then you can easily connect your printer with a device wirelessly.

Look at the steps to connect HP printer using WPS pin to a device over a wireless network:  

Step 1-Go towards the control panel of your printer and then press wireless button

Step 2-After that press settings button

Step 3-Simply touch the Wi-Fi protected setup and after that pursue the onscreen information

Step 4-Here, you will be prompted to PIN, simply tap on it. A WPS PIN will display on the screen

Step 5-Access configuration utility or software for wireless access points or wireless router.

Step 6-Enter WPS PIN.

Step 7-Once the procedure is complete, you can easily install network printer driver.

Step 8-For installing network printer driver go to all programs, printer setup and software and then choose connect a new printer.

By doing so, you can easily print with your network printer over a wireless network. If you encounter any problems while pursuing these steps, then we suggest you to take HP Support at once. Here, the presented professionals will provide you the optimum solutions to resolve your issue.  

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