HP is one of the top-most as well as trustworthy brands launching several products like computers, laptops, printers, and many more. Many people have full trust in this specific brand as it lives up the requirements of the users at low budget. Well, if you are planning to purchase a printing machine for your home or office premises, you can buy HP Printer. Once you have an HP Printer device, unbox it first, set it up, download & install HP Printer Driver to start printing.

You can flawlessly print any of your documents only when you have a current version of the printer driver installed on Windows PC. Thus, we highly suggest you always prefer the official site of HP Support to get the latest printer software on the system. If you are a novice and unable to do so, don’t worry! In this guide, we represent how it could be done with an optimum-ease. Just read it!

Why HP Printer Driver Is Essential?

If you think that just plugging a new HP Printer into a computer will let you print, then you are completely wrong. However, to start printing function within seconds you have to install the current HP Printer Software. If in case you do not install the new printer software or driver on your PC, you may have to deal with lots of hassles during printing tasks. Though, the printer driver is a piece of software that translates data stored in a computer into a format so that printer can understand. Each printer is built with different hardware and software, so it is the system has to provide proper instructions to each particular machine. Here is the reason why a printer driver is required to be downloaded and installed:

  • A driver assists your operating system to better understand the printer’s technical details, and how to transfer data to it.
  • A driver transfers the selected data to the printer in a language or format that can easy to understand. Afterward, the printer will deliver you high-quality printouts in less time of interval.

If an HP Printer Driver is not installed on your computer, or if it’s inappropriately installed, then your computer will not detect the printer for which you want to print. You can be thereafter prevented from printing any document. Therefore, whenever you buy a new printer, it is crucial to install the driver against your printer on your PC. And then connect both the devices to enjoy the print job without any disruption.

Quick Methods To Download And Install The Latest Printer Driver

The HP Printer Installation guidelines are noted underneath. So, despite wandering here and there give a brief look at once:

  • First and foremost, visit the HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads page.
  • Thereafter, enter your exact device name into the given field.
  • Now, choose your desired as well as compatible HP Printer Software from the given list.
  • And then finally click on the “Download” link.
  • After doing so, the correct printer driver will be downloaded and saved on your PC.
  • In the next step, you need to go to the folder where the downloaded file is saved.
  • Then, place a double-tap on the file and follow the on-screen prompted instructions.
  • Within a few seconds, you find that the driver is completely installed on your system.

Your printer is now ready to serve quality printouts. Hence, do your print job with clarity and perfection.

What Is The Role Of HP Printer Assistant?

When you have the upgraded version of HP Printer Driver Download, the driver will automatically install the HP Printer Assistant application. HP Printer Assistant provides a quite simple interface for you to:

  • Produce printing, scanning, and faxing tasks
  • Adjust your printer settings accordingly
  • Opt for the output folders
  • Examine your printer supply levels

Are You Using Smartphone or Tablet? Download HP Smart App

For smartphone or tablet users, it is necessary to have HP Smart App to:

  • Print and scan the documents hassle-freely.
  • Manage the printer power supply levels.

Suppose you have photos or documents to print from an Android phone, you can skip the “download to computer” process by using the HP Smart app. This will allow you to print the documents wirelessly. To download HP Smart, you are simply required to search for it on your device’s play store.

Effective Guidance For HP Printer Software Update

If you’ve already the newest HP Printer Driver installed on your computer, periodic updates will be received to fix bugs and implement new features. Never skip the available updates otherwise your printer may stop functioning anymore. To smooth and hassle-free print from an HP Printer, it is extremely required to update the driver. In the below section, we have discussed how to update the printer driver in an efficient way. So, let’s give a glance at the given directives:

1. Update Your HP Printer Driver With Windows Update

Apply the instructed lines enumerated beneath to update your driver in a couple of seconds:

  • The First and foremost step you should take is to restart your computer system. Doing this will ensure that any prior updates have been correctly installed.
  • Afterward, press the Windows logo key and search for any available updates by clicking the “Check for updates” tab.
  • If there are any updates, they will be automatically updated. If they are not, just place a single click on the “Download” link to begin the HP Printer Installation.
  • However, you can also adjust your Windows Update Settings over there.

2. Update Your Driver With The Help Of Device Manager

Here are the guidelines you should go through to get the most recent version of HP Printer Driver Download:

  • At the very beginning, you should press the Windows key and search for the “Device Manager” option. Once you find it, give a single tap to open it on Windows Desktop.
  • Thereafter, choose the printer from the given list.
  • Place a right-click on the HP Printer icon and select “Update Driver” or “Update Driver Software”.
  • Click “Search” for an automatically updated printer driver.
  • Follow the on-screen prompted instructions to immediately install the updated driver on Windows PC.
  • In the end, restart your computer system and connect the printer to it appropriately. Now start printing anything.

How To Protect The Installed Driver & Software From Damaging?

Malware threats are playing the biggest role in damaging the HP Printer Driver & software installed in your system. Nonetheless, it is the harsh truth that the corrupted or faulty printer driver makes it impossible to print. Using such an outdated driver could crash your BIOS which further could cause you to lose drivers and important data as well. Therefore, whenever you notice that the driver has become out-of-date, uninstall it from the Device Manager program. And thereafter you can frequently reinstall it from the HP website.

Regardless you can avoid those headaches only by using secure programs. They will stop viruses and malware threats from being attacking the system. Here are a couple of beneficial security programs that’ll help you to protect your HP Printer Software and drivers. Have a glimpse of the given informative points:

  1.  Firewalls: The system is infected with viruses most of the time when you use the internet on a regular basis. Thus, from being protected against the virus attack, make sure that your computer is equipped with a powerful security program. If you run a small business, secure your office with a network firewall.


     2.  HP Jet Advantage: HP Jet Advantage is an on-demand tool purposely been used to securely print anything from an HP Printer device. This program is specifically developed to help the users manage a network of devices that are linked to office printers.


    3.  Always Download Driver HP: You are always recommended to download and install the HP Printer Driver directly from the HP website. Never prefer third-party websites for downloading the driver otherwise you may experience several glitches while printing.

NOTE: HP printer software is free. So, whenever you are asked to pay for drivers, immediately take a step back from that website!

Obtain 24/7 Online HP Printer Support For Any Help

No matter what you have to print, a suitable HP Printer Driver is strongly needed to download and install on PC. If you fail to download the updated driver, don’t worry! We, the HP Printer Support team are here for your relevant assistance. Give us a single ring at the toll-free number to make an instant connection with us. We are tech specialists 24×7 ready to assist you.