HP printer drivers are software programs that interconnect your computer’s instructions to the hardware components. In this case a printer driver is what relays commands to your printer and changing your printer settings. Install the full feature of the HP printer driver to grab the most supported features from a USB connected printer.

You could print out the needed document only after getting HP printer drivers in your system. However, common problems that occur are- incomplete print jobs or your printer taking too much time to complete a task. Your print quality also reduces drastically. This is a problem you must address soon because it will get worse. You can make a connection with tech-geeks and share your hurdles with them. They have solutions to all your nasty problems. Hence, don’t miss this chance to grab Hp Technical Support.

HP Printer Drivers and Updates

HP Printer Drivers and Updates

Steps to Install HP Printer Driver

Follow the below-mentioned steps through which you can install the printer driver without any effort:

  1. Turn on the printer first
  2. Now, disconnect the USB cable from the printer
  3. Select the “Downloads Software and Driver” page
  4. If a page “Let’s identify your product to get started” displays on the computer screen, then click “Printer”, type your printer model number, and at the end click on “Submit”
  5. If you want to change the operating system, click “Change”, select your version and then click “Change”
  6. Click “Download” for the full software package, or click “Basic Drivers” for other driver options

After completing the above procedure, follow the next step that is mentioned below:

Restart The Computer And The Printer

You should restart the computer and the printer to end-up the setting up the software in Windows.

  1. Turn off the printer and then restart your computer
  2. Turn on the printer and then open HP Printer Assistant
  3. If HP Printer Assistant opens, the issue is resolved
  4. If HP Printer Assistant does not open, and the Printer Setup & Software screen displays, click Connect a new printer and then follow the on-screen instructions
  5. Restart the computer as well as printer to complete the installation part

Now, you will get HP Printer Driver installed in your PC and then you can easily print-out the files or documents by just connecting your printer with the USB cable.

In case you encounter any kind of HP Printer related technical glitches, then feel free to place a call at HP Printer Customer Support Phone NumberOne of our professional tech-savvy will immediately lend your hand and proffer you instant support at a minimal rate.

Process Of Updating HP Printer

Once you have installed HP printer driver software on your computer, it is needed to update it with the latest version from time to time. An outdated or corrupt driver may affect your PC to become unstable and crash. As we all know an updated driver can contain bug fixes, stability improvements, and even new features and capabilities. Here are the steps offered of “Updating an Outdated Printer Driver”, you have to only follow the below points and try to update it on your own:

  1. Before updating the printer driver, confirm the model of your printer
  2. You can find your usable printer model in the “Devices and Printers” panel
  3. Go to your printer’s manufacturer’s website
  4. Now, click “Support and Drivers”, select the “Download drivers and software” button and then type the name and number of your printer into the search bar
  5. After that click the “Go” button
  6. In the next part, select your operating system version to get the latest correct driver
  7. Once you have chosen the operating system, click to download the driver
  8. Now, run the installer to complete the setup
  9. Reboot your computer and printer so that your printer will have the latest driver version

Now your HP printer setup process is done, ensure that your printer and computer connected with the same network. Your printer is ready to give amazing HD prints, so open the document and start printing.


If you go through all the above information, you will capable enough to make your HP Printer driver updated or installed the latest version. After that you can easily use this printing machine without facing any type of technical hitches.

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