HP is one of the top-most brands launching many different devices including printing machine. However, HP Printer is being preferred by many people just because of its quality print and durability. The HP printer is used for personal as well as professional work as it is easy to access. Though, it is also the fact that just plugging the new printer into the computer doesn’t mean you can print. The printer will only function well or you can print freely only when you download and install the accurate printer driver and software. The printer driver translates your computer data into a format that your printer can understand and deliver the selected printouts. But if your printer is not working after a while, then it means the HP Printer Driver gets outdated and hence need to install the newest version of driver. This post is for HP Printer Driver Update for Windows. Read it out from top-to-toe carefully and try to update your driver soon so that you can again start print job.

If you have recently taken a new HP Printer in your home, then you are first required to connect your printer to your computer system and then start performing HP Printer Setup correctly. Here, you will be guided how to setup your printer more conveniently.

Required Methods For HP Printer Driver Update for Windows

In the below-noted instructions, we provide couple of right ways of Printer Driver Update for Windows. Let’s go through one-by-one appropriately:

Method 1: Use Device Manager For HP Printer Driver Update

Continuously follow the given guidelines for updating your printer driver in operating device with the use of Device Manager. Let’s begin:

  • First, go to “Device Manager” by opening the Run dialog box on your Windows and typing “devmgmt.msc” in the search dialog box
  • Now, click the option “Print Queues” or “Printer” to expand the category
  • Under this category, place a right-click on the HP printer that is listed
  • Then, click “Update Driver” on the menu
  • Click “Search automatically” for updated driver software

If the driver is already up-to-date, you will be informed that “The best driver software for your device is already installed”. So then you don’t need to update the HP print driver.

  • After installation of printer driver, restart your PC for the changes to be fully implemented.

If this didn’t work for HP Printer Driver Update, then try another method mentioned below.

Method 2: Download HP Printer Driver Manually

Update your HP Printer Driver via HP Support site. The guidelines for the same are noted beneath, have a glimpse:

  • The very beginning you should know a few details about your printer like its Product Name & Model ID, and what is your Windows operating system. Make sure both the devices are compatible.
  • One you have located these items on your printer, you are now required to visit the HP support website on your Windows PC
  • Then after, have to navigate the HP Support site to find the Printer Drivers section
  • Once you find the correct section of the site, you will have to run a search for your HP Printer model
  • If the HP support site seriously finds your exact printer, then the printer driver page will be loaded. You will then need to find the correct driver install package for your Windows Operating system
  • Once the driver file is downloaded, search for the .exe (executable) you received from HP and give a right-click on it to run or place double-tab on the file
  • Go through the on-screen prompted instructions accordingly to finish the installation process get started to print hassle-freely

If none of the two above methods work-out for HP Printer Setup; or if you don’t have the patience, time, or computer skills, to update your printer driver manually, then yes my friend! it is possible to do it automatically as well.

Method 3: Update Your Printer Driver With Windows Update

To do this most conveniently, follow the below-instructed lines:

  • Restart your computer first so you can assure that any prior updates have been correctly installed
  • Press the “Windows” key and search for and open “Check for updates”
  • If any updates are available, they should begin installing automatically – otherwise, you can click “Download” to begin the installation
  • However, You can also adjust your Windows Update Settings to get the driver updated automatically

Was This Information Fruitful?

If the above information for HP Printer Driver Update is not beneficial for you, then don’t worry! We are here to provide one-stop support. Just be in touch and follow the directions given by me. Within a limited time you can update your printer driver and fix all common printer problems.  

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