The HP printers are quick to install and easy to use printing devices. You can rely on HP printers to print flawless documents for office presentation or to prepare a school project and much more. However, the first step is to install the HP printer in your computer and download the printer drivers from the website Whether you have just bought a new printer or connecting the existing one to a new computer, you will have to follow the installation procedure.

The HP printers are known for wired and wireless network devices which makes it versatile equipment suitable for everyone. Moreover, you can do the self-installation as well by following the simple steps from this page. Whether you have an InkJet, DeskJet, OfficeJet, or Envy series or any other HP printer model, the installation and setup process is almost identical. Let’s begin and install the printer.

Prerequisites for your HP Printer setup – 

Before the printer setup, you will need to collect a few things in advance to ease the printer installation procedure. Here is the list.

  • The HP Printer
  • Ink cartridges (Most HP printers comes with cartridges)
  • A4 size papers
  • Computer or laptop to connect with your HP printer
  • Internet access to download drivers from website
  • Ethernet cable for the wired router and USB cable during the printer setup

Ready with all these items? Now let’s proceed towards printer installation.

Steps for HP Printer setup and installation 

These steps will cover every in-depth detail, starting from unpacking to the first printout. Whether you are installing the printer for the first time or doing another time, you will get comprehensive knowledge about all the procedures.

Step 1. Initializing your HP printer 

  1. Firstly, you will need to unbox your HP printer and keep it on a clean surface.
  2. Now remove all the in-box accessories which may include ink cartridges, power cord, print setup manual, feeder tray (pre-installed for few printer models) or power module. You can also visit the website to confirm the accessories.
  3. Further, you will need to remove the tapes, adhesives and packaging material from your printer. Check the printer manual to be sure that you are not missing any printer component.
  4. Make sure to set up the router near your HP printer (maintain a 5 feet distance, with no obstruction in between).
  5. Take the paper stack (max 10-15 pages) and put them in the feeder tray. To fit the paper correctly, take help of the guided clamps in the feeder tray.
  6. Now connect the power cable to your printer and the wall socket (avoid docking station).
  7. Turn on the power switch on your printer and set the preferences on your HP printer control panel. Adjust the date, time, set brightness and language of your choice.
Initializing your HP printer

Initializing your HP printer

Step 2. Ink cartridge installation 

  1. Locate the ink cartridge access door on your printer and open it by using the guiding slots.
  2. Now, wait for your printer to be silent and carriage to slide at the centre.
  3. Remove the ink cartridges from its packet. These cartridges come with most of the HP printers, and the installation process is although easy but varies as per the printer models.
  4. Hold the cartridge by the sides, do not touch the copper contacts and remove the orange plastic tape.
  5. Insert the ink cartridge at the slot keeping label up and nozzle down (look at the colour coding on the area, while inserting each cartridge at their respective slots).
  6. A sharp click sound will confirm the correct ink cartridge installation.
  7. Now close the ink cartridge access door.
Ink cartridge installation

Ink cartridge installation

Step 3. Install the HP printer drivers and software 

The next step is to download and install the printer drivers on your laptop or computer. These drivers will help your printer to communicate with your computer by translating each other’s language. Here is how to install them.

  1. Connect your computer to the internet.
  2. Now visit the website and download the HP Smart app from the home page. This app will assist you in print and scan operations or alerting you during a fault in your HP printer.
  3. Scroll down to the web page and click Download Drivers.
  4. On the next page, enter your HP printer model under “Identify your Product” section.
  5. After verifying your computer’s operating system, you need to click download the full package.
  6. Go to the download folder on your computer and search for HP printer files. Double-click over them to start installing the drivers.
Install the HP printer drivers and software

Install the HP printer drivers and software

Steps 4. Choose the connection type 

After installing the drivers, your computer will now automatically detect the printer, and it will ask you the connection type. You can choose either the USB or wireless connection. Here we are providing you with both the ways to connect because some of the Mac devices do not have USB slots.

Choose the connection type

Choose the connection type

USB Connection Type

  1. During the drivers’ installation, when your system asks for the connection type, choose USB.
  2. Now connect the one side of the USB cable to your computer and another end to your printer.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the printer-computer connection.
  4. However, this step won’t connect you to the internet. To get the network connection, you will have to follow the below procedure.
USB Connection Type

USB Connection Type

Note: The Mac users first need to connect to the USB cable (use USB to C connector) and then install printer drivers.

And the Windows users first install the printer drivers from step 3 and then connect to the USB cable.

Connect to Wireless router

  1. First, you will need to click Network or Wireless on your printer’s control panel.
  2. Now choose SettingsWireless Setup Wizard.
  3. Further, you will see the list of available wireless networks, scroll it and select yours and then enter the password.
  4. If you cannot find the network name, then manually enter the SSID name and password.
  5. Now your HP printer connects to the WiFi network.
Connect to Wireless router

Connect to Wireless router

Step 5. Download Printer software 

Now download the useful software from HP website on your Mac or Windows PC. HP Printer Assistant and HP Easy Start are the tools and software that you can install in your device and add your printer into them. This software will keep the printer drivers updated and assist you in print and scan operations. Additionally, you can buy the ink cartridges, order supplies and fix the common printer issues by using these tools.

Download Printer software

Download Printer software

Step 6. Restart your printer and start to print 

So, now you are all set to print but before that restart your printer and let it prepare. To restart, press the turn off button on your printer and then after 2 minutes turn on the switch. Now your printer is ready, and you can start sending the print jobs. Do not leave your printer on and also do not turn it off incorrectly because it can damage the printhead. Always, use your printer in a proper way to maintain the optimal conditions of your printer components.

Restart your printer and start to print

Restart your printer and start to print

Get cost-effective printer support – 

Are you still unable to set up your printer and install drivers? Dial our HP Printer Support number and get in touch with the printer experts. They will offer you the best solutions for printer installation and assist you in solving other printer problems as well.