During print job you may encounter few technical glitches and all such problems happen due to a faulty USB cable. The very obvious reason of facing printing issues is because of poor connection or outdated Printer driver. So, before printing anything, you should sincerely check the USB cable and ensure that it is working fine. The symptom is simply the fact that your computer doesn’t recognize the printer driver that is installed in it due to using a defective USB cable for establishing connection between them. Before going through the hassle of buying a replacement of USB cable, take a few minutes to make sure the cable is really working fine by taking help from HP Support team. They will guide the desired possibilities to check out the cable and ensure it is not to be blame.

Steps to Ensure Printer USB Cable Works Fine

Take a look at the below noted points as here you will come to know the process of checking out your USB cable and ensure it is not faulty. Step by step follow these written points:

Look For Physical Damages

To check out for the physical damages, you need to first turn your printer off and then remove the connected cable from the USB ports. Now, take the cable in your hand and check closely if there is any cuts or crimps on the cable. Additionally, check if the USB connector’s point that is united to the rest of the cable is safe. Replace it only if damages occur.

Measure Its Length

If the USB cable of the printer is around 6 feet in terms of length, then it is possibility that the cable is a faulty one. If your printing process stops suddenly, measure how long the printer’s USB cable is and replace it with a shorter one only if it is long in length.

Assure The Cable Is Clean

Check properly if the cable connectors at both ends have stored dust alongside computer’s USB port and that of the printer too. If it is dirt, clean the connectors and ports using a handheld compressed air duster.

Make Sure Connection Is Good

Due to bad network connection, you may experience printing issues. That’s why it is highly recommended you to connect the printer to the computer without using a USB hub or any other intermediate device. Make sure that that the USB cable is properly inserted into the both ends of the computer’s and printer’s port. Switch on the printer and try to print again. If that fails to annihilate printer connection problems, try to change the USB port on the computer.

Opposite The USB Port

Connect the printer to another computer or a different printer to the PC using the same USB cable in order to eradicate connection error problem as the underlying cause or a faulty USB cable. If it works well, it is confirmed that cable is not fault.

Obtain HP Customer Support For Handy Remedy

If the above steps fail in checking out the USB cable and ensuring whether it is working well or not. Don’t pull your hairs! We are there 24/7 only for your help. What you should actually do is to give an instant ring on helpline number.  Get reliable and efficacious HP Customer Support at your doorstep.