While using HP printer, the most common error that you may experience is that printing machine gets offline. If you don’t have complete technical knowledge related to your device, you may fail to fix HP Printer Offline error by yourself. There are many reasons to find this type of error but in the most cases, this error takes place due to the communication issue along with the printing machine and computer system. These devices are not suitably connected with each other. So, firstly of all, check the connection and fix this problem. Therefore, for solving HP printer offline error, you need to perform below recommended instructions.

Why My HP printer says going offline?

You don’t want to put your HP printer at home or office go offline in between a printing order. If you’re applying possible efforts to obtain an important document of yours printed or scanned, you would need your printing device should perform in the continuous manner. At the time of printing any document, you receive the message your printer goes offline. You need to take quick solutions. There are a lot of reasons behind this error. It takes place due to faulty power cable, connectivity problem and Conflicting printer driver. If you are unable to identify any of these causes behind this error, you should call printer technical support team quickly.

Effective Methods to Fix HP printer offline error

Step1Check Printer Status carefully

  • Click on “start” button and type printers and devices in the search bar.
  • Go to, “printer and devices” option and click on them. Make the right click on printing device and check status correctly that it is offline or online.
  • Make right click on the printer button and click on “see” what’s printing.

 What are effective solutions when an HP printer goes offline?

  • Click on “printer” button and see “check mark” button to use printer offline.
  • You have to click from, “printer offline to printer online” button.
  • Ensure you have selected HP printer as a default printer.

Step2– Start your printer spooler services again

See at keyboard and click on windows key +R key button and hold keys at the similar time. You will be able to observe, “Run” dialog button and in the run section, you have to type services.msc and hit, “ok” button.

 What are effective solutions when an HP printer goes offline?

  • Now, choose, “print spooler” button and prevent, “services” option and start it again.
  • Your printer driver will not respond with the settings correctly.
  • Next, you have to uninstall the printer driver and install it once again.
  • Ensure you need to eliminate name of your machine from the printer list.

Step3– Install HP printer driver again

 What are effective solutions when an HP printer goes offline?

  • Click on “start” button and type device manager in the search section.
  • In the device manager, you have to click on “printers” and make right click on hp printer driver and click on “uninstall” button and press on “ok” button to verify the removal of your printer driver and start your computer system again and install a real and original driver from HP official website and reinstall it again and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Finally, after the set up process of your HP printer and start again it and make sure that your printing machine is working perfectly. Now, your printer is ready to print.
  • In the case of Printer Is Offline Windows 10, you can connect with online printer technicians to get proper technical guidance for fixing printer offline issue in windows 10. They have good knowledge of bringing your printer from offline to online easily.

With the help of all these above steps, you can fix your HP Printer Offline issue simply. Still, if you have any technical troubles related to HP printer, you can call our printer technicians to get proper technical support anytime.

Conclusion- HP printer offline is one of the most intricate and worrying issues among HP printer users. To resolve it, you should follow all above steps properly. With the help of all these steps, you can resolve it immediately.

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