When a system failed to make communication with the connected printer than the HP Printer displays network Printer Offline Windows 10 error. This error crops up due to the connection failure, poor configurations, or pending jobs in print queue. In any case, the printer will not print until or unless you bring back it to online state. A number of people are suffering with the same issue and the cause of their error is dissimilar, however, you have to start troubleshooting the error from the starting.   

Offline typically indicates that the computer can’t make connection with the printer because either it is powered off or the network cable is disconnected. Whatever the reason of occurrence of this error you need to rectify it, if you want to continue your printing work.

resolve Network Printer Offline Windows 10 connecting issue
resolve Network Printer Offline Windows 10 connecting issue

Have a look at the symptoms that might be present when your HP printer is offline:  

  • Printer is not responding at all.
  • Status of printer icon is offline or grey in color.
  • Not able to locate printers and other devices on the network.
  • Sharing of file and printer is disabled.
  • Network Port IP address changed or reset completely.
  • When the printer enters in the sleep mode it loses its network connection.

Don’t exasperate! Whenever your HP network
printer goes offline
, there are number of ways to bring it online from offline. Here, we have discussed one possible way or you can say the easiest way to change its states offline to online.

Let’s start the procedure:

  • Carry out power reset and check connections of printers.
  • Make sure the printer is connected to the correct wireless network
  • Check printer’s print setting is not set to the print offline.
  • Confirm that the Wi-Fi settings were not changed lately.
  • Use HP Print and Scan Doctor to diagnose as well as resolve printing problems.
  • Your default print driver might have changed, reset it to default
  • Ensure that the driver is making communication with the correct port
  • If the driver is corrupted remove and reinstall the driver
  • If all these fail, then try connecting the printer to another computer may be there are some faults in your computer.

Final Words for Network Printer Offline Windows 10

Now, after pursuing above mentioned steps, your HP Printer Offline problem will surely be exterminated completely. However, you don’t need to feel blue, if you are unable to eliminate this error. Simply come to us via making a call at our toll-free HP Support Number and get united with our tech connoisseurs to get proper remedies. Our team is well-expert in dealing with the hitches related to HP printer as they have immense years of practice in this field.

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