Suppose, you recently bought an HP Wireless Printer and enjoying printing from your laptop while sitting outside on the front porch. Isn’t this super convenient? However, if your hp printer not connecting, your wireless printer works like it supposed to be.

Akin to any other technology, when it gets more advanced it also gets more complicated too and thus more prone to errors. This is very true with wireless printers. They will greatly work for a week and then unexpectedly stopped printing and show Printer Offline while connecting over a wireless network.

Troubleshooting this issue is different depending on the types of printer you are using and the type of computer you are pairing it with. The procedure for setting up a printer on a wireless network is different from printer to printer. The resolution of this issue is also different. It depends on if it had been previously connected without any issue or having issues with the initial setup. Here, we are discussing the reasons and solutions to fix the printer that stopped working wirelessly error or hp printer not connected issue. Just read this carefully till the last.


Reasons why printer stopped working wirelessly:

  • Improve connection between printer and wireless network
  • The incomplete connection between computer and network
  • New update or install of security software might be blocking communication
  • Recent modification in wireless router settings
  • Changes in IP address of your printer

Here is the list of solutions to fix HP Printer stopped printing wirelessly issue:

  • At first try restarting your printer, computer, and wireless router.
  • Make sure the printer is well connected with your wireless network.
  • Ensure there is a proper connection between the computer and the wireless network.
  • If a newly updated or installed software blocking your communication, then try restoring your system backup.
  • If the wireless router was recently updated, then you need to configure it with a printer among the new router settings.
  • Make sure to disconnect from Virtual Private Network (VPN). By doing so, you are only able to connect over a wireless network.
  • Check if the IP address of the printer gets changed or not. If it is modified, then you need to update IP address of the printer with the new address.

If nothing works from the above options, then go to to re-install your printer’s Drivers and Software.


We assure you that once you follow the above-mentioned steps, then you will never face the printer suddenly stopped printing & hp printer not connecting issues. To perform this action with the help of additional support, you take online guidance from an expert. They will surely provide you exact solution to fix Printer Offline Windows 10 problem. With the proper assistance, your HP printer will work fine.


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