HP makes a large variety of Printers which are used in many organizations for printing excellent quality pictures, copy documents, scan items, and print text as well as images in black or in color. If you come across that your printer is not properly printing in color, then the problem might be as simple as the color cartridge is empty. However, if your cartridge is not out of ink, the problem can be a bit more difficult to work out.

Now, this is time you need to troubleshoot your printer to discover why your Printer Not Printing color issue. If the problem still persists, then you need to take support from experts to get it fixed. They will never leave you until and unless your problem is not fixed.

Fix Printer Not Printing Color Issue

Fix Printer Not Printing Color Issue

Look at the procedures to fix Printer not printing color problem:

Check the Cartridge:

  • To check the cartridge is faulty or out of the ink, you need to open the front cover of the printer and take out the printer cartridge.
  • Make sure ink cartridge is not expired.
  • In any case, if your cartridge is faulty, out of ink or due past of expiration date, purchase a new one.

Now, even with the new ink cartridge your printer not printing color output, then you might want to clean its print heads. Sometimes, this problem may occur due to the unclean print-heads.

Methods for cleaning Print-heads:

  • Clean the printer print heads by troubleshooting them.
  • Press and hold down the “power” button and at the same time press “resume” button six times.
  • Release power button and the printer will starts cleaning print heads in a mild wash.
  • Print out your document again. If the problem still exist, then repeat above steps but instead of pressing “Resume” button six times now press it for five times for more moderate cleaning.
  • Try printing the document again. If you found that problem is still persist, then repeat above steps one last time and now press the “Resume” button seven times for a deep clean.

After trying cleaning print heads, if the problem remains unchanged, then you need to check for printer’s settings whether color option is on or off. 

Instructions to turn color option on:

  • From the start menu choose settings.
  • Click on the devices from the setting menu
  • Right-click on printer and choose “Properties”.
  • From this properties page click on the “printing preferences”.
  • Go for the “Paper/Quality” tab and tap on “Color.
  • Hit “OK” and then exit.

Hopefully, after trying all these methods your HP Printer Not Printing color document problem is resolved. But, somehow due to any other reasons, if the problem still there, then don’t be fret! Simply make contact with professionals by making a call at toll-free helpline HP Printer Support number. Here, you will get cent percent solution at your door-step within the limited time frame.

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