When your wireless printer doesn’t print and displays you technical error, it actually means that your HP printer has affected with offline problem. When these kinds of problem make your printer unable to print, you need to call online printer experts directly. There are many ways to resolve it, but you need to use the most effective method. To fix my HP Printer Keeps Going Offline error, here are some effective ways to resolve it rightly.

Main technical causes of HP wireless printer

HP printer offline problem is a serious technical issue and it takes place because of various reasons. This is very difficult for the users to recognize the main cause of the issue and to fix it. This mainly occurs because of poor power connection, network connectivity and many others. You can attempt to reboot your system to resolve the offline printer issue but in the case, if it doesn’t work, there are many effective solutions to fix this error.

My HP wireless printer keeps going offline

Best & Effective Troubleshooting Solutions to Fix HP wireless Printer offline error

This error can become very complicated, if you will take instant solution. There may be many reasons of this error such as cable connection, and network connection. If HP Printer Offline error continues again and again, you should follow below steps-

  1. First of all, you need to reboot your computer system for you should shut down the system and on again.
  2. Make sure that the printing machine has connected rightly into your computer system
  3. There is no need to log in with administrator rights and hit over “start” option.
  4.  Tap directly on the “devices and printers” button and click on the right lick on the device button.
  5. Choose the button as, “observe what’s printing’ and while the printer spooler window launches and click on “printers” button.
  6. Now, you will observe the button, “Use printer offline”, you should unmark this box button. It will make your printing machine back to online.
  7. You need to close the latest windows and open printing machine and devices again.
  8. Then, you need to move your web browser and download the newest printer driver.
  9. You need to install the printer driver with the help of on screen steps.
  10. You need to tap over the control panel button after clicking on “start” option.
  11. You should go to the search bar and enter troubleshooter and tap on the troubleshooting link.
  12. You have to click on, “use printer” button which is easily available under hardware and sound button.
  13. Finally, you should follow the steps to identify the issue and resolve it instantly.

Final Troubleshooting Solutions to Fix HP wireless printer offline error

When you face Printer Keeps Going Offline error, you should call certified and experienced printer experts instantly. Printer technicians are very trained and experienced in solving this issue easily. Still, if you are facing any issue from a long time, you can call our certified printer experts immediately.

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