You look at the printer’s menu and see you have printer offline error message. Printer Offline Windows 10 issue generally crop up right after updating the windows 10 to its latest version. Sometimes, when there is no communication between your computer and printer, then this nasty error take place.

Sometimes, the issue may be as simple as connected cable is not properly attached. Also, due to paper-jam this error is coming through. However, HP printer appearing as offline can also be due to the problems with your printer driver or other software. This can also depend on the age of HP printer or you may be missed some updates to install.

Whatever the reason, you need to clear all those issues, if you want to make an offline printer go online. So, follow the below listed troubleshooting steps carefully.

I Make An Offline Printer Go Online
I Make An Offline Printer Go Online

Go after each step to make sure that you aren’t missing any things to resolve your printer offline error.

  • Insert both ends of the USB cable properly.
  • If you are using a network printer then ensure that Ethernet cable is inserted firmly.
  • If the printer is wireless, then make sure it is well-connected to your router. Also, make sure your internet connection is working fine.
  • Try a different cable as there may be possibility that your cable is faulty or damaged.
  • You can also manually set your HP printer to go online.
  • If there are any pending print jobs within your printer, then it leads to printer to go offline. So, remove all the pending print jobs carefully.
  • Sometimes, by simply removing and reinstalling your HP printer from your computer, you can also eliminate offline issue.
  • If this doesn’t work, then remove the printer drivers and packages. After that, reinstall them properly to see whether your printer is online or not.
  • Make sure all the network connections are working fine and restart the printer and computer.
  • Start your printer is safe mode and waits until entire pending jobs printed and then start printing. However, printing in safe mode is a temporarily solution, you have to find a permanent one to continue printing.

Even after trying these simple troubleshooting steps, if HP Printers Says Offline, then you might need to take some personal guidance from a highly-knowledgeable person to resolve this issue. In order to make connection with tech-savvy people, you can dial toll-free number at the comfort of your home. For sure, after taking their assistance your entire queries will be sorted out in an efficient manner.