HP printers are loaded with high-quality distinctive features that help users to print most efficient documents. But, like any other printer or machine, HP printers also have some common or unusual issues. If you say Why Is My HP Printer Offline and now you are not able to bring it online, then my friend, you are not alone who came up with this error. However, with the few clicks of the mouse can resolve such errors, if you know the whole process.

Most of the people feel depressed whenever printing function suddenly stopped. These frustrated customers must familiar with the methods and steps by which they can fix printer offline issue in windows 10. Nonetheless, determining errors of HP printers are quite easier, but one should always preserve the best condition of it by pursuing some essential measures.

There could be a number of factors responsible for HP printer offline error. However, below-given steps will help you to resolve this error effortlessly.

  1. Open your windows 10 and go to Start menu.
  2. Select “Drivers and Printers”.
  3. Choose your HP printer and click on it.
  4. Click on the offline status and select printer option.
  5. At last, undo the use printer offline option.
My HP Printer Offline? Grab some help To Bring It Online
 HP Printer Offline? Grab some help To Bring It Online

This is how you can easily get your printer back in the online state but there are some measures which you can take to avoid Offline error for a long run.

  1. Keep the printer off for a number of minutes to reboot it properly and then restart it again.
  2. Ensure your device is properly connected to your printer as network connectivity plays a crucial role in such cases.
  3. Ensure that the account which you are using to access this has Manage Printer rights.
  4. Always keep your driver up-do-date by downloading them from the official website.

Apart from the mentioned procedures, one can troubleshoot the errors which are avoiding your printer to make connection with your device.

  1. For this, you need to type troubleshooter in the search box and click on it to start troubleshooting.
  2. From the Hardware and sound section, go for Use a printer.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions and let the troubleshooter do its work.
  4. It also guides you to apply some changes in order to make your printer online.


If you are depressed after trying all troubleshooting or other methods your HP Printer Offline Windows 10 problems remain the same, then you need to make direct contact with professionals. The experts will remotely access your device and resolve your entire errors or whatsoever the cause of errors. By taking their help, you can fetch an assured solution for your dilemma. One of the best part is you don’t even need to move out from your place to take their support.