There are a number of reasons by which your HP printer can go offline or it shows that it is not connected to the computer. Any faulty printer driver can cause the printer to go offline and also a recent in the wireless device can make your printer offline. Every so often, frequent power cut can also be a reason which forces printer to go offline. This issue can be fixed with several ways, simply follow a few troubleshooting steps that often facilitates in fixing HP Printer Is Offline issue.

Step for troubleshooting an HP printer:

Firstly, ensure that the wireless light on the HP printer is blinking. If the light is blinking properly, then to get connected status on the Printer, a user can select wireless network wizard from the printer screen.

If this process doesn’t bring your HP printer online, then you need to uninstall the printer driver and reinstall it again. In mostly cases, after restarting the computer this printer is offline issue is terminated.

Even after applying these troubleshooting methods, the Printer Is Offline then you might need to take support from the professionals. But, before taking their help you can also try some methods, which may help you to bring your printer back to online.

Fix HP Printer Is Offline Issue via taking assistance from techies
Fix HP Printer Is Offline Issue via taking assistance from techies
Try using the HP Print and Scan Doctor to resolve printer is offline issue:
  • Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  • Run HPPSdr.exe.
  • Once it open click start and then go for your printer.
  • Check your printer if it is not listed then turn it on and click retry.
  • Follow the on screen instructions, you usually need to press click and continue in all instructions.
Check for Paper jamming issue:

Due to the jamming of paper in HP printer also leads to Printer is offline problem. One can make sure if the paper is stuck or not easily, by looking inside the paper tray.

Make sure to resolve failure in the Ink cartridge or ink system failure issue:

To resolve the issue with ink system failure, try removing all the ink cartridges and then cleaning the tip of cartridges with a piece of moist cloth. Now, you are all set, after putting back the cartridges and restarting your computer.

Hopefully, your printer turns to online again. For further assistance, to understand any of the methods or steps, feel free to call us at free-of-cost helpline number and avail world-best service at your desktop.