The word WPS stands for “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” and for making the connection between a router and wireless printers and other devices, this one is being used for. You have to find WPS Pin on your HP printer to establish a connection between the accessible devices. The wireless technology that is used in the HP printer allows you to print documents from any corner of your home and also at any time.

The WPS PIN Code will be used for connecting your wireless HP Printer to your personal device and setting the printer up either through a wired network or through your wireless router and then start printing the documents hassle-freely. In case you are a non-tech person and don’t know from where the PIN code will be found, obtain reliable HP Support Assistance from well-qualified techies. You will meet that person only when you give them a ring.

If you install an HP printer driver on your computer and your printer is asking for a “WPS Pin” to make a wireless connection, then you have to read out this blog post carefully as simple and efficient guidelines are here. Getting the WPS PIN on an HP printer is quite tough for almost all non-tech users. Therefore, you may also come across difficulties while setting up your HP printer to the network connection. Don’t panic at that point; we are here to help you.

wps pin on hp printer


Desired Possible Steps To Find The WPS Pin On My HP Printer

Basically, there are two ways of having Wi-Fi Protected Setup connections in HP Printers. One is through WPS Button and another one is via WPS PIN, anyone can connect the hp printer wireless setup. Therefore, you can connect your HP printer to your operating device with these two options. Follow the provided steps:

Connect HP Printer Using WPS Button

Go through the given simple instructions:

  1. First and forecast, go to the HP printers’ control panel or Screen and then press the “Wireless” button or “Setting” Button
  2. Now, choose the option “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” and follow the on-screen instructions that are further displayed on the screen
  3. Next, select the “WPS Button” option. After doing this, the printer will ask you to press the WPS button for the wireless router
  4. Once you Press that Wi-Fi Protected Setup button on the router, go to your printer and press continue for wireless connection
  5. Now Connection will be established for assigning the WPS Button then and your printer is ready to print anything wirelessly

Connect Your HP Printer Through WPS PIN

Have a glimpse at the noted lines and do the same:

  1. First, go to your HP printer’s control panel and then press the Wireless button> Settings button
  2. Touch the “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” and then follow the on-screen prompted instructions
  3. Now you are driven to Wi-Fi Protected Setup PIN, just hit on it. Doing this, the PIN will display on the screen
  4. Next, you have to access the configuration utility or software for the wireless router or wireless access point. And then enter the WPS pin code in the required field
  5. Once the HP printer is set up properly, you can install the network printer driver by opening the printer’s HP folder in All Programs> Printer Setup & Software. After that, choose the option “Connect a new printer”on your PC

Dial HP Support Number If One-Step Solution

Are you unable to get understand the above-written steps? Need an instant quality support from talented tech-geeks? If yes, then place a single call at HP Support Number and stay tuned with professionals for a one-stop solution in a handy way.

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