The HP Support Assistant (HPSA) comes pre-installed on many HP computers. Its most important purpose is to keep your HP computer performing scheduled tune-ups, up to date and installing updates deemed important by HP. Though, many users find this HPSA program disturbing and unnecessary, in particular when an important function gets interrupted by this HPSA reminders or automatic updates. Depending on how unsatisfied you are with the HP Support Assistant, you can easily prevent it from installing updates, or can block it from running on startup and even completely get rid of it.

You can easily uninstall HP Support Assistant, but it is suggested that do not uninstall it. You can simply choose disabling HP support assistant to avoid the interruptions. Since, installing such a significant program offered by the system itself might cause complicatedness in the future.

This feature is supposed to provide quick-fixes for the problems of HP laptops, but it is found that HP support assistance is bothering many people. The frequent notifications and messages are found to be troublesome. Therefore, it is natural to look for options to disable or uninstall HP support assistant.

I get rid of the HP Support Assistant

I get rid of the HP Support Assistant

Look at the steps to disable hp support assistant using task scheduler.  

By following the below mentioned steps, you can easily disable HP Support Assistant and therefore save your time from repeated interruptions. For this, simply:

  • Open power user menu by pressing windows + X keys together on your keyboard.
  • From the list of options open control panel
  • Go to system and security
  • Open administrative tools menu
  • Tap on the schedule tasks
  • Select Task Scheduler Library.
  • Choose Hewlett-Packard and HP Support Assistant.
  • Simply right-click on the HP Support Assistant and select update Check.
  • At last choose Disable to stop temporarily HPSA.

If you want to uninstall HP support assistant from your computer, follow the steps to get rid of or uninstall HP Support assistant:  

  • Go to the windows start button and from the list of available options select the control panel. Or you can press windows + X keys simultaneously and then from the available list select control panel.
  • Go for programs and the tap on programs and features.
  • From the list of installed programs on your computer, look for HP Support assistance and click on it.
  • Select the uninstall button from the top bar of the page.
  • Windows will automatically starts to uninstall HP Support Assistance from your computer.
  • When uninstalling complete, simply restart your HP PC to ensure it is completely removed from your PC.

We ensure you that, after following these steps, you can easily disable or get rid of HP support assistant from your PC for good. However, if you find difficulty in performing these steps or unable to uninstall it, then we suggest you to take HP Printer Assistant support from an online expert via dialing toll-free number.


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