Before coming to the concept of finding the HP Printer IP address, it is important to know that what it actually is. An Internet Portal address (IP address) is the address of your hardware’s network. Basically, it is a numeric label given to any device connected to a computer network. Every device connected to an internet connection has an IP address.

Why is it important? 

An IP address gives an identity to a device. Like a home or work address that gives us a physical location, similar to that IP address gives an identity to different devices connected to a computer network. It helps to build a connection between different devices connected to the internet or the computer. Therefore, a printer IP address allows your HP printer to send and receive information.

How to find the printer IP address? 

If you are unable to find your  printer IP address, do not worry. There are various ways through which you can find out the IP address of your printer. A few of these ways are listed below:

HP printer IP address with Windows 10

  1. Turn on your HP printer and go to windows
  2. Look for the “Control Panel” in the search bar
  3. Then go to “Devices and Printers”. Under that, you will be able to all the devices and your HP Printer
  4. Right-click on your HP printer icon and select properties.
  5. Select the web services tab. Under that, you will find your printer IP address.

Find HP printer IP address by wireless settings

  1. On your HP printer home screen, select the wireless icon
  2. A new window will pop up which will have your printer IP address

Find HP printer IP address by Network Setup

  1. Swipe your printer home screen look for “Setup”
  2. Select the Setup option and you will see the printer IP address

Find HP printer IP address by a web access report

  1. Go to setup
  2. Click on tools
  3. Select Print web access report
  4. After this, it will print out a web access report. That will have your printer IP address.

Find it on a board printer menu

  1. Switch on your HP printer and click on the menu
  2. Go to network setup options
  3. Press enter
  4. Search through the available options
  5. Select an option that is similar to a TCP/IP, network status, IP address, or WiFi.
  6. It will show you the IP address settings
  7. Go through the list and select your printer IP address

Find it from the Router

  1. Open any web browser.
  2. Type the local address of your router in the search bar.
  3. Put in your details, e.g., username and password.
  4. Go to devices connected to the network.
  5. You will find the printer IP address there.

Find HP printer IP address on Mac

  1. Select the Apple logo on the top left corner of your screen
  2. Open “System Preferences”
  3. Select Printers and Scanners
  4. From the left-hand column, select a printer
  5. The 12 digit number listed is your printer IP address

Know how to change the HP printer IP address

In case you would like to change the IP address for your HP printer. It is possible too. The procedure is a little long yet it is useful. We would advise you to change or update your HP printer IP address in the same format as it was originally. Below are the steps:

  1. Click on start on your laptop
  2. Go to control panel
  3. Select the Network Connections option and right-click on Local area connection
  4. Further, click on properties
  5. Then select internet protocol (TCP/IP) and then select properties
  6. Choose “Use the following IP address”
  7. Now update the IP address here to your desired IP address

You may be asked to or must change the subnet mask also

  1. Select “OK” and leave all the other option empty
  2. Now in a web browser type in your printer’s IP address
  3. Select networking and then TCP/IP from Menu
  4. From the IP configuration method’s dropdown list select “Manual”
  5. Re-enter the IP address and Subnet mask in the appropriate fields
  6. Select “Apply” to make all the changes

Once you have got your HP printer IP address, you can fix any connection issues that may arise. Just type in the commands in the command prompt box. You can now easily connect any device to your HP printer as well. Fill in the printer IP address in the Hostname or the IP address box. Hopefully, this is all HP printer support you need. If you still require assistance then feel free to get in touch with the HP Printer support and the experts will help you out.