HP Tango is one of the futuristic printers with cloud-based technology. Such kinds of printing machines support a two-way network connection. It enables the users to print, scan and copy using any devices effortlessly, at anytime from anywhere. Hp Tango Printer makes proper utilization of the 64 ink cartridges. These ink cartridges help in delivering the authentic colors so that you will be able to get the shiny prints-outs. With the tango machine, you will be able to efficiently cater to your needs successfully in no time.

Default Procedure To Setup The Hp Tango Printer

Below are the few easy steps that you need to implement carefully. Simply walk through these instructions and you will be able to set up the tango printer with optimum ease. Have a glance at the easy to implement steps:

Step 1:

Consider Unboxing Your Hp Tango Printer:

  • First of all, you should unbox your HP Tango Printer properly.
  • After that, you also need to get the power cord by removing the packing.

Next, you should consider removing the packing from the Printer and align its corners with the aid of indentation. While unboxing the printer, you should make sure that other accessories are also available with the printer. Here, you will come across the power cord, USB cable and many more which come with the printer.

Step 2:

Enable The Power Supply Into Your Printer:

After unboxing your printer, you will have to move to the next step where you need to follow below-mentioned steps:

  • You should connect your Tango Printer directly to the main supply using the power cable.
  • By plugging the power cord to the electrical outlet, you will connect it to the power source.
  • After that, you also need to turn your Tango Printer on and make sure it is in the active mode.

Step 3:

Install The Ink Cartridges Into The Printer: 

Check out the below steps and follow them carefully:

  • To do so, you should take out the ink cartridge from the packing.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door by pressing the ink door button.
  • Next, you need to keep the nozzle towards the printer.
  • Place the ink cartridge into the right slot gently.
  • Repeat the same steps to install the other ink cartridges.

Step 4:

Connect Your Tango Printer To The Network:

  • Firstly, you will have to turn your printer on.
  • Navigate to the ‘Control Panel’ by using the Windows key.
  • Here, you will have to come across the ‘Printers’ option that you need to double-click on it.
  • Now, you should press the ‘Add a Printer’ icon and then select the ‘Add a printer wizard’ option.
  • Opt for the ‘Network Printer’ and then click on the ‘Next’ option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your printer to the network.

These four easy steps will surely help you to complete the Hp Printer Setup successfully in a couple of seconds. By following each and every step carefully, you will be able to setup the printer without any hassle. You need to make sure that you have followed each and every step correctly and carefully.   

How Do I Download The Genuine Drivers For HP Tango Printers?

While setting up the Hp tango printer, you need to opt for the genuine software and drivers. You need to get the compatible drivers as per your computer operating system. For that, you should follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

  • First of all, you need to visit 123.hp.com
  • In the next step, you will have to enter the model number of your printer.
  • Now, you will come across the list of necessary software and drivers.
  • After that, you need to click on the ‘Download’ option.
  • Once you click on it, you will be able to start downloading your drivers and software efficiently.

What Else If Any Inconvenience Takes Place?

Sometimes, while completing the operation of setting up the Hp printer, you might come across some troubles. However, you don’t need to worry about such kind of hurdles and mishaps due to various reasons.  In such a critical situation, you should approach the HP certified professionals or engineers. After reaching out to the right geeks, you’ll be able to get the one-stop backing for the Hp Printer Setup. With their help and support, you will be able to get rid of the whole host of problems completely from the root.