When you see HP fax error 388 message in your computer, then it means that there is a breakdown in your system operation. The immediate cause of this error 388 Fax is an interruption to appropriately run among its regular procedure by a system’s element. The error using this code might happen in various areas within the system. Therefore, even though it brings some introduction in its title.

It is still challenging for the users to conclude as well as repair the error 388 on the hp fax. Users without the help of a trained technician or technical knowledge cannot solve this issue. The error occurs in the fax when you are trying to send out the fax, and this indicates the Line or sound disruption. The error has verified solutions as well as lots of reasons. And it is important for the users to know about its cause before the solution. If you know about the causes, then it will help you in fixing the error

HP Fax Error 388
HP Fax Error 388

Causes of HP fax error 388:

  • It may occur due to incorrect or stopped working setup or un-installation of a software program that may have still missed some worthless entries in the Windows computer system registry.
  • Due to virus or malware attack.
  • Improper system shutdown and its result as the power breakdown.
  • Maybe you or some other person deletes an essential system document from the computer.
  • Sometimes because of the breakdown in the system operation.

The immediate appearance of the error in the system, interrupt the appropriate working and interrupt the regular procedure of the system’s element.

Troubleshooting Steps for Error 388 on Hp Fax

Solution 1: Perform a Fax Test

  1. On the Printer’s Control Panel, tap Fax
  2. Next swipe up and afterward choose Setup
  3. Select Tools option
  4. Now tap on Test Fax

Note: The printer will show the status of the test and after this task gets completed, it will print a document.

  1. You need to wait until the printer prints the documents- Fax Test Report.
  2. Now examine the report.
  • If the report suggests that the printer has passed the test, but the issue is still present, then examine the fax configuration that is provided by the document.
  • And empty or inaccurate fax setup can also be one of the reasons behind this error.
  • Or if the printer report shows that the printer has stopped working the test, then inspect the file for some additional information regarding repairing issues.

Solution 2: Choose a different time to build a connection

  1. Try to set up the fax transmission at a different time when the telephone line situation has improved.
  2. You can also deactivate the v.34 on the receiving device and also try the transmission to make the use of the V.17 setting.

After completing the above-mentioned steps, we advise you to check whether your Printer is in a stable situation or not. Try to send a fax, if it goes correct without any disturbance, it means that the error has gone.

Solution 3: Plug the printer cable directly into the electricity socket

Ensure that the fax is connected with the master phone outlet, and this is not using any extension or extension cord. Maybe after rechecking the connection of your printer, the error may get solved. If it so then you can use its all the features, including scanning as well as faxing.


We have mentioned the best steps to employ and perform on your printer, you face fax error 308. We know that the error is a daunting one, and can raise so many issues for you. Therefore, to remove the error from the printer, you can take all the measures, re-check everything, and also follow the above steps. However, if still the HP printer error  is not solved yet, then you take the help from experts

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