HP scanner not working errors include scanner won’t scan, scanner not identified by your computer system or errors pop up when you are using your HP scanner. The main causes for these technical errors are quite different and often hard to recognize. As you can visualize, the connection issue can stop your scanner from connecting to the computer system and the software and services issue in your computer system are the probable causes for this type of technical problem. But do not worry more. We will help you to fix scanner not working on HP. As well, you can get HP Support from knowledgeable technical support experts within few minutes.

Check the Connection Error-

Firstly, your device should be powered on, if you want to use scanner. So, you must check the connection error correctly. If you are using a USB scanner, you need to check USB ports and cables to ensure it works properly.

 Fix HP Scanner Not Working

Fix HP Scanner Not Working

Enable Windows Image Acquisition service & related services

Windows image acquisition is a Microsoft model which permits graphics software to communicate with imaging hardware like cameras and scanner. Therefore, you must enable WIA service in your computer system if your scanner prevents working. You need to do something like-

  • On your keyboard box, you need to click on windows logo key and “R” at similar time to appeal the run box.
  • You need to enter services.msc and click on “OK” button.
  • Confirm these services are set to automatic and the service status is running-
  1. Remote Procedure Call RPC
  2. DCOM Server Process Launcher
  3. RPC Endpoint Mapper
  4. Shell Hardware Detection
  • In the last, you should save the changes and try scanner once again to see if it works properly.

Update Your HP Scanner Driver-

A missing or outdated HP scanner driver can cause your HP scanner not working properly, therefore you must update your scanner driver up to date. There are 2 methods to update your scanner driver: – manually and automatically.

Update your scanner driver manually- You can go to the website of your scanner manufacturer, find out the latest driver for your scanner and install it in your computer system.  It needs time and computer capabilities.

Update Scanner Driver Automatically- If you do not have sufficient time, you can do it automatically with the help of experienced technicians.

Troubleshoot Hardware Issues-

It may be possible that there is something wrong with your scanning machine, therefore you need to run a trouble-shooter in your computer system to fix the error.

  • You need to open the control panel in your computer system and view by tinny icons or large icons.
  • Click on “Troubleshooting” Button.
  • Hit on “Hardware and Sound”.
  • Click on “Hardware and Devices”.
  • Finally, you need to follow on-screen steps to complete the troubleshooting process and fix the detected error.
  • After that, you need to try your scanner again and check it is working properly or not. Still, if you are experiencing this type of error, you can take HP Printer  Customer Support  Phone Number from technical support executives available round the clock. Online experts are available round the clock to help you for any type of technical error.

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