If you are a user of HP Office jet 4650, you could be facing the issue HP 4650 Printer Offline and want an immediate support to get rid of such problem from your operating device. It is too much annoying for the person who is printing some urgent required document but the windows tells its offline. At that point, HP Printer Support is very much necessary to avail for getting some ideas to bring their HP printer online from offline. Trust me! Once you avail our top-notch service, your query will definitely be sorted our within a minute as our expert techies are there for assisting you.

After getting this offline error message on your computer screen, you may check your printer to find the reason why such an error message is being shown. You may get notification that it has a stable connection with your Wi-Fi or its IP address hasn’t changed since you got it. You might have tried re-installing the drivers, used the HP print & Scan doctor but unfortunately nothing seems to work. In that situation, you need not to be exasperated as in this blog you will find some effective steps of making it online.

Steps To Fix HP 4650 Printer Offline Issue

There are different possible steps to fix this particular issue. You only need to follow those procedures one by one and bring your HP printer online freely. Hence, look at the below points:

Restart Your Printer

You should first try to restart your printer because DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) automatically assigns IP addresses to the connected devices. However, a printer should always be assigned an IP address manually and kept away from the DHCP configuration to avoid DHCP failure issues.

Next step to Bring HP 4650 Printer Offline

  • Visit the “Start” button and click “Devices and Printers”
  • Search for your use able HP printer icon and give a right click on that icon
  • Now, an option will pop-up by saying “See what’s printing?”
  • Click on the “Printer” option in the window that opens and uncheck “Use Printer Offline”
  • Now, any document in the print queue will start printing

But in case still your HP printer displays offline, then move to the next step.


Contact Experts to Get Further Help

If your printer is still offline, download the latest drivers for your printer by simply uninstall the previous installed driver software and install it again with the latest version.

Don’t feel disheartened! If the same error problem is still persisting on your windows screen. We have deft connoisseurs who will support you effectively. You only have to do is to put a call at HP Printer Tech Support Number to make connection with them.

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