HP printer separation pad issue crop up when users attempt to feed more than a page at once. Another reason which also signifies that printer separation pad is worn out is when recurring page feed problem take place. So, in order to avoid any further technical glitches, it is essential to change or fix printer separation pad. If you don’t know how to do that, then you can always take HP Support team’s experts assistance.

Here, we mentioned some of the easy yet effective steps to fix HP printer separation pad issue. Just have a look at them.

Try replacing your printer’s separation pad:

  • The very first thing to remove separation pad is to unplug the power cord from printer to make it cool down.
  • After eliminating all the input trays look for the blue separation pad and then take out it from the spring loaded base. To perform this action, you may need to insert a flat-edged screwdriver right into the slot under the separation pad.
  • Go through the opening and push the spring-loaded base down with single hand. Pull up the separation pads by using another hand.
  • To position your new separation pad into the slot simply search for the input tray opening. Push the spring loaded base down and then try to eliminate both sides of the separation pad into its exact place.
  • At last, you need to reinsert your pickup roller, print cartridge and also the input trays. Plug in the power cord to the printer in order to switch it on again.

Try replacing the pickup roller:

  • Again, you need to unplug the power cord from the printer to allow it to cool down.
  • Open up the print cartridge door and then gently take out the print cartridge. Now, you need to look for the pickup roller.
  • Release both small and white tabs which are on the each sides of the pickup roller. Cautiously push them away from the roller, and then rotate it to pick-up towards the front.
  • Pull up the roller upside from the device and then try to place the new pickup roller in the slot of the previous one
  • Rotate it into the position until the accurate white tabs on each side of the roller snap will appear.
  • At last simply reinstall the print cartridges and close its door carefully

Try cleaning out your printer pickup roller from inside out:

  • To clean out the printer pickup roller, dampen a soft cloth in water to scrub the roller smoothly.
  • Thoroughly, wipe out the pick-up roller to get rid of dirt.
  • At last, let the pickup roller to dry out completely before you install it within the printer.

Hopefully, after trying these steps you are competent enough to fix HP Printer separation pad issue by your own. In order to get quick solutions for this issue, you can to give a ring at HP Support Phone Number. Here, the qualified technicians are knowledgeable to deal with any kind of issues.