There are many reasons why your HP desk jet printer showing offline status in windows 10. This type of technical error mostly creates an issue in windows 10 and windows 7. This device loses connectivity when it appears connected to your computer system and router. In windows 10 & 7, you will see an error message saying “printer offline” and in this case, this printing machine does not print. Printer Offline Windows 10 shows that the computer system or laptop has failed to communicate very well with your wireless printer.  In the case of wireless network conditions, it gets offline suddenly.

This issue may occur when windows 10 or 7 diagnoses that the device is unavailable, but unluckily, most of the times it fails to tell whether the machine is certainly offline or if it has the connectivity issue or printing problems. In the real terms, this issue occurs due to the connection problem between laser printer and computer system.

HP Deskjet Printer Offline Problem May Occur Due to Following Reasons: –

The connection between the computer system and printer is slow or unresponsive.

The machine has faced an internal issue.

There are multiple unfinished printing jobs in the queue.

Here, we are going to share few important tips and tricks, which are very helpful to fix HP desk jet printer offline problem in windows 10 and mac computers.

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How to Troubleshoot HP Deskjet Printer Offline Error in windows 10?

In the first step, you need to go the start button and click on start menu correctly.

In the second step, you have to go to the control panel and move for next step.

In the third instruction, choose “devices and printers”. Go for next step.

In the fourth step, you should click on the printer’s properties.

In the fifth instruction, you need to go to ports tab and choose the port button.

In the next instruction, you need to click on “configure port”.

Finally, you have to uncheck on SNMP.

Attempt the method to get your HP wireless printer offline back to online. Thus, you can bring it from offline to online successfully. Still, if you are experiencing any kind of technical errors such as HP Printer Offline, you can get the expert help from certified printer technicians available round the clock. Printer experts are very experienced in resolving this type of error within few minutes.