Like other machines, HP laptops are also prone to errors or issues. So, we need to troubleshoot our laptops on timely basis. It is not so difficult task to perform. The most frequent problems can be easily identified by troubleshooting an HP laptop. According to HP Laptop Support executives, troubleshooting is a way to stay calm and determine the cause of the problem in a logical manner. Sometimes, what seems to be a major issue might be very simple to resolve.

Consequently, here we are going to discuss some troubleshooting steps by which you can eliminate several laptop issues.

I troubleshoot my HP laptop
I troubleshoot my HP laptop

Let’s start troubleshooting HP Laptops

  • Look for model number and serial number that information is usually at the bottom of the laptop. You will require this information you have order parts or call to support is needed.
  • Check for battery, for this you need to remove the power cord to see whether laptop is powered on using only battery or not. If it is doesn’t power on, then battery may be dead.
  • Directly plug in the power cord in to the computer and an electrical outlet without using an extension board. After that try to turn on the computer and make sure there is power to the outlet.
  • After supplying power, check if the computer turns on and the desktop appears on the screen. If there is no power to the laptop, then you need to replace power supply. If the screen doesn’t turn on even there is power to the computer then the issue is either with the screen, operating system or the hard drive.
  • Now, check for hard drive issues. For this, put in a bootable recovery disk into the CD drive and then start the computer. If the computer boots up properly, then your hard drive is corrupted or there is an error with operating system. Try reinstalling the operating system from a backup copy and replacing of hard drive.
  • Check whether your HP laptop is able to connect with internet or not. If connection with the internet is unsuccessful, then make sure that there are no outages with your internet service provider. Check to see if your router and modem are working properly. If your laptop connects using a wired connection, then the laptop’s wireless card needs replacing.
  • When the drive doesn’t work after putting a disk in to the disk drive then firstly try reinstalling the drivers. If drive doesn’t work even after reinstalling the drivers then simply replace it.

Final Words: 

These are the simple yet effective troubleshooting steps that you can follow to eliminate some common issues within your HP laptop. For more complex issues, you can contact HP Laptops Support team experts. You can make connection with them via phone call or chat at anytime.