Sometimes, the HP scanner starts to scan blank scans or copies due to some technical glitches. In order to get an optimum quality scan, you need to resolve these issues once and for all. You can do that by taking proper aid from the HP Support technical associates at any time. But before that, you need to read out the below-mentioned points to eliminate these issues on your own.

 Remove blank scans or copies issue in HP scanner.

Follow the below mentioned steps to fix blank scans or copies problem in your HP scanner. You might need to perform every step in order to eliminate this issue from the root.

resolve issues that cause blank scans or copies in HP scanner
resolve issues that cause blank scans or copies in HP scanner

Allocate scan carriage to its initial position

  • Inside the scanner, the scanning carriage might have lost its home position that needs to be reset for getting fine quality scans.
  • Shut off your computer and then disconnect scanner from the power source. Leave scanner disconnected from the power source for minimum one minute.
  • Reconnect the power cable and then restart your computer.
  • Try scanning again, when the computer system has fully restarted. If the scanner scans documents normally, then there is no need to continue reading this blog. If not, then move down to the next point.

Make sure that the shipping lock is fully disengaged

  • A shipping lock is attached with the scanner at the time of shipping to prevent scanning carriage from being damaged. Lock and unlock the shipping lock various times to make sure it is entirely disengaged.
  • You can see the setup poster that came with your scanner to know the instruction for unlocking the scanner. Or you can also take assistance from the professionals of HP Support team.

Ensure to use correct power supply

Always use the correct power cord with the in-built power supply for each model of the HP scanner. A power cord with a built-in power supply is similar to electrical cord with a small black box attached to it.

There are some reasons, by which scanner show a preview scan completely blank. These are:

  • Using a universal power supply
  • Power supply from another device, such as another model of scanner or a printer
  • Using Defective power supply

If you are using the correct power supply and still unable to resolve blank scans issue, then you need to go towards next step.

Make sure that the issue is not due to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

  • Due to the presence of EMI, the HP scanner can also scan blank pages. So, you need to make sure that the scanner is not in the direct vicinity of the computer monitor or speakers.
  • If the scanner is nearby to the devices, then relocate it at least three feet away and then try scanning again.


If the blank scans or copies issue in the HP scanner still persists even after trying these steps, then we propose you to take HP Printer Support. Here, the available professionals will surely guide you towards the proper steps to eliminate your entire issues.