Is the soft copy you are getting from your HP printer not printing clearly? Does the quality of the printed copy is very poor? The text shows blurry and very faint. Have you replaced both cartridges with HP supplied cartridges? Are you still experiencing HP Printer Not Printing issue? Don’t you know what could be done to remove this problem from your HP printer? If it is so, then just be relaxed and keep on reading this article. Your doubt will surely be cleared here and also you will be provided a number of top-notch services in a single minute.

You should have to do different-different procedures to overcome such an issue as it is not an easy task for some non-tech person. Here our technical writer has assigned some possible ways of eradicating not printing clearly issue. So, all you need to do is to read out this blog carefully and try to follow all these steps on your printing device.


Steps to Fix HP Printer Not Printing Clearly Issue


1. Reinstall the Print Driver

If you see print problems with newly installed ink cartridges, then simply reinstall the print driver. After doing this, the printed copy will be clearly shown. Follow the below written steps:

  • First, remove the printer from the devices list
  • Now, go to “Software and Driver Downloads” and then install the latest software for your printer

After completing the above steps, try to print again. If the re-installation of the printer driver resolves the issue, then you are not required to continue troubleshooting. But if still remaining the same problem, then jump to the next procedure that is mentioned below:


2. Use Genuine HP Ink Cartridges

It is recommended you to use genuine HP ink or toner supplies as HP cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of non-HP or refilled cartridges. To check the authenticity of your cartridges, take HP Printer Support from knowledgeable and skilled tech-geeks.


3. Check The Estimated Ink Levels

A low ink level may affect the quality of the print. Hence, check the estimated ink levels from the printer control panel.



4. Clean the Ink Cartridges

Cleaning the ink cartridges can improve print quality. Clean the ink cartridges from the printer control panel and then see the results whether the printed copy is shown clearly or not.



5. Manually Clean The Area Around The Ink Nozzles

Clean the area around the ink nozzles only when you see track marks or smears on the printouts.


6. Make Sure You Are Using An Appropriate Paper For Your Print Job

  • Load the smoother side like the print side in the input tray
  • Avoid using wrinkled and curled paper
  • Choose the correct paper type for your project
  • Store the paper on a flat surface in a cool, dry place
  • Try to use a different paper


If still the print quality is unacceptable, then try to get in touch with some well-trained staff. You can meet them only when you dial our provided helpline number. After having a word with them, you will find the exact way of eradicating this printing issue.