It is not essential that Printer demands servicing as it stops to perform the deserved and designed work.  Sometimes, an individual cannot get result as per industry standard in term of printing and scanning outcome. The printer cannot print the high quality output as it offers a few days back. In order to away from this inferior result, everyone must aware of How do I clean the printheads on my HP printer. It indicates that printing head is not clean. Whenever it is being used for printing purpose, the printer heads regardless of any brand might be clogged at great extent.

valid approach to clean printheads in HP Printer
valid approach to clean printheads in HP Printer

Implement different procedure to clear printhead in HP printer

Availing of this condition for a long time, there is the high probability to get streaky or incomplete printing job. Doing this job is quite difficult and one must have most expected policy to reduce the maximum challenge.  As per variation in printer name and brand value, a few products occupy the built in cleaning functions. Starting of applying the quintessential process is to give the right combination of computer and its associated software. The cleaning process fluctuates a lot as per change in operating system. The windows user needs the HP Tool box while Mac users need the HP inkjet utility. You should not make any hesitation to apply the manual process to clean out the HP Printer printhead component.

Fix printer head in HP printer (windows head)

  • You can click on start menu and click on programs. You can select the HP Toolbox. Make sure this option is available in your computer or not. In the absence of this option, you can download it from resources.
  • In addition to this, you can double click on HP toolbox icon and launch the program successfully.
  • Go on the printer service tab.
  • Thereafter, you must click on clean print head. You must follow the on screen command to get rid of flaws. There might be some radical change as per the change in the printer model.

Manual cleaning

  • First of all, you must check that your printer has the paper. The analysis of test can be done on rough paper piece.
  • You need to press the setting button of your printer. The location and position of printer many be vary according to HP printer model and design.
  • Use the keypad for selecting tools and click OK.


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