HP Printer is one of the preferable printing machines among the users due to its quality and durability. To fulfil all the documentation work individually or officially, printer is the most essential device. But being a technical device, few technical glitches could also be arisen during print job. In this post, we are going to talk about HP Printer Error Code 0x61011bed like why it occurs and how to deal with it efficiently. Whenever there is a print head problem, such a specific error appears on the computer screen while printing. However, this can also be encountered when trying to align the ink cartridges of your printer. Without any delay, let’s read it out from top-to-toe as you will get the right solution over here.

Fix HP Printer General Error 0x61011bed

Fix HP Printer General Error 0x61011bed

What Causes HP Printer General Error 0x61011bed?

There are various reasons behind the occurrence of HP Printer General Error 0x61011bed. Few of them are listed below, have a glimpse once:

  • The communication path between your HP printer and ink cartridges is not functioning appropriately
  • The settings for the printer is changed
  • Corrupt or outdated driver for your printer can also trigger the HP Error Code 0x61011bed

These are the possible causes due to which you generally experience this specific error issue with your printing machine.

Productive Solutions To Fix HP Printer General Error 0x61011bed

Following are some effectual troubleshooting methods which will take you to eradicate HP Printer General Error 0x61011bed with an ease and simple manner. Therefore, keep your eyes feast on the provided solutions and give a try to them one-by-one until you facing the same error. Let’s begin the process:

Solution 1: Reset Your HP Printer

Resetting the printer properly can make the HP Error Code 0x61011bed terminate from the root. We have enlisted the steps of printer reset underneath, follow them accordingly:

  • In the beginning step, you need to disconnect all the cables without turning off the printer
  • Once the cables have successfully disconnected, wait for around 30 seconds
  • After that, plug in the entire unplugged cables and wait for a printer to turn-on automatically
  • If the printer is not turned on after waiting a couple of minutes, then you have to press the “Power” button on your printing device. Once the printer is ON, check for the HP Printer Error Code 0x61011bed to be solved

If the same problem yet persists, go ahead with the next solution.

Solution 2: Clean The Cartridges

Here are the steps you need to perform to clean the cartridges:

  • First, you have to tap the “Power” button to turn your printer on
  • Once the printer is turned-on successfully, try to open the cover
  • Slightly take out the cartridges
  • Now, use a soft cloth to wipe-out the extra ink from the cartridges and also make it clean and clear
  • After that, insert the stack of white-plain A-sized paper under the print head
  • Clean the print head also using a wet cloth
  • Dry the print head and cartridges with soft cloth
  • After drying, push the cartridges properly to set it back at its desired place
  • Close the cover lid of your printer
  • Re-open the printer and check if the error has been resolved

If still the HP Error Code 0x61011bed occurs when printing, move to the next solution.

Solution 3: Reload The Papers Into The Paper Tray

Maybe paper is not loaded correctly in the paper tray due to which you confront HP Printer Error Code 0x61011bed. So, in this step you have to reload the paper with the help of following guidelines:

  • Make sure you use A-4 size plain white sheets which fit to your printer paper tray
  • Now, Align the stack of papers correctly
  • Insert at least ten papers in the tray and not more than 25 papers
  • After inserting the limited amount of paper into the tray, let’s start taking the printouts from your HP Printer

If the HP Error Code 0x61011bed is yet displayed on the screen, continue using the next solution.

Solution 4: Clean The Rollers

In order to clean the rollers, walk through the given guides:

  • First of all you have to turn off your HP printer
  • Now disconnect all the cables
  • Afterwards, Open the access door for handling the rollers
  • Just need to clean all the rubber rollers through dry soft cloth
  • At the end, Plug all the cables back in and start printing activity to check the issue if it has solved or not

Solution 5: Check The Paper Settings

To check-out the settings of your printer paper, go through the below-mentioned guides:

  • Make sure that the settings for tray and drivers are compatible
  • Once it is confirmed, open the print document in Windows screen
  • Now, tap the “File” menu from print option
  • Click on the printer “Properties”
  • And then, select the paper quality option and choose the relevant accurate size of paper from drop down
  • After that, click “OK” tab and start printing the selected document to print

If still receiving the HP Error Code 0x61011bed, go to the next solution.

Solution 6: Update Printer Driver

Printer driver may get outdated because of which you encounter HP Error Code 0x61011bed. However, an outdated driver is the root cause of having lack of communication between your printer and computer. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check your driver and ensure that it is up-to-date.

Obtain Reliable And Effective HP Support To Solve Printer Error 0x61011bed

Don’t get disappointed! If you attempt printing the document from your HP Printer but unfortunately yet receiving the HP Error Code 0x61011bed as there is technical squad for your better help. You only need to make a connection with them via dialing the provided helpline number. Under their surveillance, the problem gets instantly fixed.



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