While using the HP printer sometimes the screen shows HP Ink Cartridge Problem, because of which you are unable to get the prints. HP printers are very reliable printers, give seamless services, and provide users with HD prints. However, you cannot overlook the fact that they are machines as well, and machines can fail anytime if users don’t give their attention to it. You are facing any issue with your HP printer ink cartridge and unable to solve it, you have simply taken help from HP support.

HP Printer Ink Cartridge
HP Printer Ink Cartridge

You also have another way that is- try out our troubleshooting steps to resolve the “HP Printer Cartridge Problem”. Here in this blog we have mentioned some easy ways using which you can solve your HP ink cartridge problems. Once the issue is solved then again you can use your HP printer and get amazing HD prints.

How will you know about HP Printer Ink Cartridge Problem?

Well, when your printer stuck due to this issue, your computer screen may show an error message. HP printers with display screens also show the HP ink cartridge problem. If you see flashing cartridge light, it means a bad color cartridge issue your printer has.

Sometimes the printer screen will also display you to remove a particular ink cartridge that is causing the issue. Therefore, if you want to learn the methods to fix the issue, then keep on reading the blog.

When your printer doesn’t printer or cartridge light is blinking, then you may see the following pop-ups:

  • HP Cartridge Missing
  • HP Printer Cartridge error
  • Depleted Ink Cartridge
  • Cartridge Problem
  •  Incompatible Cartridge
  •  Cartridges in the Wrong Slot
  • Print cartridge(s) missing or not detected
  • Ink Cartridge Failure

Now let us proceed towards seeing the solution for this issue.

Easy solutions to fix HP Printer Ink Cartridge Problem

 1 Use Genuine HP Printer Ink

You want your printer to work efficiently then always take genuine products for your HP printer. When taking ink cartridge always buy real HP ink cartridge according to your printer model. If you don’t use genuine products then there are more chances of the problems to occur. To check which ink cartridge will be suitable for your HP printer, you can visit the official website of HP.

2 Verify the cartridge number

While setting up the printer for the first time, usually people make mistakes, so to avoid that either you can consult an expert or take printer manuals help. Ensure that you have inserted all the cartridges in their suitable place. Ensure that the cartridge numbers match your printer and where the country/ region the printer was bought.

 3 Remove and reinsert the ink cartridges

Maybe you have not inserted the cartridge, and sometimes removing them and reinserting after shaking the ink bottles, this can solve the issue. See our instructions below to do this:

  1. 1. Open your printer’s Ink cartridge door, then remove both black and the color ink cartridges.
  2. Now press the ‘Power On’ button to turn the printer on. Now wait for 20 to 30 seconds until the printer is silent before you continue with it.
  3. Next slide both the cartridges back inside in their proper place.
  4. See on the printer display screen and ensure that the printer recognizes and align them.

Note: If you see any protective tape on the nozzles remove that because sometimes it happens that people missed it by chance and then they face issues with their printer.

4 Reset the printer to solve HP Printer Ink Cartridge Problem

Resetting is also another best option when nothing works. Through this you can completely reset your printer and it will forget all the previous memory. In this way, you have a new printer. So follow the below step to reset HP printer and resolve many ink cartridges issues:

  1. Turn on your printer first, if it is not on.
  2. Then wait for few seconds until it starts and gets ready.
  3. Now disconnect the power cord from the rear of the Printer.
  4. Again wait for at least 50-60 seconds.
  5. Next Plug the power cord back into a working electricity socket.
  6. Now, wait for 30 seconds until the printer is silent.

 5 Replace the problematic ink cartridge

you see that the resetting printer did not resolve the printer’s issue you are facing, then you might want to consider replacing the cartridge. However, before doing this, you first find out the cartridge that is causing the real issue. Then you need to replace only that cartridge and not the whole deck.

  1. First remove the black cartridge and then pull down the cartridge access door.
  2. If the message still appears on your printer display screen then it means it is the time to replace the tri-color cartridge
  3. So to remove that lift the cartridge door and now press on the tricolor cartridge and remove it from the slot.
  4. Print Cartridge Problem message still displays then proceed to replace both the black and tricolored cartridge.
  5. Remember to not leave your printer cartridge area empty for a longer period, insert the new ink cartridge immediately.

While replacing the ink cartridge look for genuine and real HP products according to your printer model number and name. Never use old or second-hand ink cartridges maybe it is filled with ink. Because it can raise the same problem for you again.

After replacing now check if the issue is solved or not. Now try printing sny documents first, if everything goes quite good, then you can continue with your printing job to get the amazing HP printer HD prints.


After trying all the steps, now see if your printer is working properly or not. However, if all the above steps don’t work for you and you are still facing the same issue, then you can contact HP support printer technicians for help. As the HP Support department has an amazing technical team that always stay ready to resolve the issues that their customers are facing.