In the current days, printers are used for printing admirable quality text and graphics. Apart from this, it is now capable of scanning images, photocopy documents, send faxes, and even link wirelessly to your router or the web services. Additionally, wireless is unimproved option than wired or USB connection, but sometimes you may notice that your HP Printer Cannot Connect to Web Services at the time you try to connect it for the first time. In that condition, you need an expert guidance. To talk with the expert directly, contact HP Customer Support team. Experts will help you out in your problem and give you the exact solution to your issue.

What are the reasons for this issue?

HP printers permit you to print from a location by using the internet. When your printer does not print and fail to connect with the web services then you will get one of the following error messages.

  • Server connection error: Problem while connecting to the server. If you come across this problem, simply press “Retry”, or click on OK to exit.
  • Web services problem: Problem while connecting to web services server.
  • Server connection error: Not able to connect to web services. If you face this error, just confirm Internet access and try again.

HP Printer Cannot Connect to Web Services in just a few clicks

x the issue of HP Printer Cannot Connect to Web Services in just a few clicks

What are the steps to get rid of this error?

Go through the following steps to fix the web services connection issue. Perform these steps accordingly to avoid any sort of trouble.

  • Make sure the printer that you are accessing supports the web services by looking on your printer’s control panel.
  • Examine that your wired or wireless connection is working properly or not and the printer is appropriately connected.
  • Restart your computer, printer, and the router all at once. Many times, this helps to fix all the issues.
  • Switch on the web service by accessing printer EWS that might fix the communication errors with the printer.
  • Examine the Internet proxy server settings that it is compatible with the printer EWS or not.
  • By updating the printer firmware on a regular basis with the latest updates might fix this issue.
  • Try to update the router firmware, as outmoded one can disturb the performance, security or stops the router to connect with the internet.

So, these are the steps to overcome the problem of HP Printer Cannot Connect to Web Services. Hope these steps work for you. In case if not, you can visit to get the idea to solve this issue or else, you can talk to our experts via HP Support. Experts will help you out in your problem and suggest you the best remedy for your problem. The best part is that you can call anytime. Our skillful experts are available 24*7 for you to support and to provide you the best service.