Generally, HP Fax Error Code 346 occurs when you are trying to fax the files or documents. When you experience this Error code, you will be failed to send and receive a fax. However, once it appears in your device it is not easy to overcome this error. Though, you can fix it by yourself if you have little bit of technical idea but in case you are non-tech and newbie it will gonna be too much difficult for you to handle this problem. That’s why, we have explained in this blog to give you some basic information regarding the fax error 346.  So that you will obtain the effective result through the post and get the problem solved in a quick

Specific Reasons Behind HP Fax Error Code 346

This problem arises due to several factors; few of them are listed below-

  • Sometimes due to location issues, this difficulty appears because it might have happened that to a person you are sending fax there may be a network problem. Hence, you cannot fax to a particular user.
  • Sometimes by mistake, the STOP button is clicked but your fax is sent and you face this problem.
  • Network connectivity issue.
  • The device is not connected to a proper power supply source.
  • It can occur due to more line traffic in between the phone lines.

HP Fax Error Code 346

Any of these above causes trigger HP Fax Error Code 346, as a result of the failure of Fax sending and receiving. So, you must be aware of its main reason by which it appears all of sudden and its precautions to eradicate the error.

Beneficial Guidelines To Fix HP Fax Error Code 346

It can be seen that the fax transmission does not get success because getting call rejection from the receiver side. Therefore, it is first essential to let the person whom you fax to inform that you are sending the documents. As doing this, they will accept your request and easily receive the fax document. Once you get the confirmation from the receiver side you can get your document easily be faxed. There are a few steps by which you can fix the HP Fax Error Code 346 more effectively. Some useful troubleshooting methods for Fax Error 346 are mentioned underneath. Have a glimpse

Guideline 1: Wait A While And Sent Again The Fax

You can overcome this issue by sending the fax to the receiver after waiting for a couple of hours or minutes. Once you wait for the limited time period, the traffic of the telephone line will get cleared and then after you can send the information without any interruption. In case if the condition of the telephone line is not improving, then call to helpline number to get the help immediately.

Guidelines 2: Temporary Disable ECM

It may happen sometime that the high-quality resolution images cannot fax to the receiver side and therefore result the HP Fax Error Code 346. So, in such condition, to disable ECM for a while the image quality will get degraded and you can send it easily to the receiver end.

Guideline 3: Faxing At The Lower Speed Of Transmission

It is not possible that you can send the receiver at the lower resolution. However, you can send at the lower speed of transmission of information. It will improve the quality of transmission and consume less time than previously.

Go through the below-given steps to lowering Fax speed on your HP Printer device:

  • First of all, go to the main screen and click the “Right Arrow” mark.
  • After that, select the menu named “Setup”
  • Pick the option “Fax Submenu”
  • Next, scroll the menu list to select “Advanced Fax Setup”
  • In the section of Advanced Fax Setup, scroll down one again to select Fax Speed, and set up the speed of fax. It will be low like 9600

Guideline 4: Divide High Storage Documents

In case you are facing difficulty to send the documents due to its large size, then in such a situation divide the documents into the smaller parts and send them to the receiver one by one at a different time.

Guideline 5: Remove Printer To Another Location

If you are confronting HP Fax Error Code 346 while faxing, then this can occur due to the current location of the printer. Because might be the current location of the printer is having a lower network. So, replace the printer to another location and check whether your error is resolved or not.

Guideline 6: Restart Your HP Printer Device

If the above all the methods are not working, then reboot or restart the HP Printer and then start faxing document to check whether the error is been rectified or not.

Guideline 7: Resend The Document 

If at one time the document is not sending, then try for one more time to send the documents and check for error.

Final Words

In this blog, we have compiled enough information related to HP Fax Error Code 346. The fixing procedures mentioned above are user friendly and less time consuming. If you are still not getting the error-free solution, then connect immediately to our experts without hesitation. They will guide you to overcome this error in a better way.