Throughout the global region, a number of printing devices are available to complete their printing and scanning incidence. In fact, HP Laserjet Pro 400 m401n  is a incredible printing device name. Taking the through details of its assembled component of HP Printer, you would go through sleep function which is offering delay of concerned function within 15 minutes detail. In addition to this, the functional delayed can be postponed up to 1 hours.  Many times, it is generally observed that HP Laserjet Pro 400 m401n  disappears from the device and printer tab in account to sleep function activation. Coming back in the appearance of device and printer could be possible in case you develop most perfect step at any cost.

Being a newbie person, you are not further available to remove such disturbance. During the implementation of some steps, you must take the valuable contribution of HP Printer Customer Support remedy. They are a professional to get help from various flaws.

How to ban HP Laserjet Pro 400 m401n  Printer Disappears from Devices and Printers 

In order to manipulate time before the sleep functions goes to start, it would be recommended to follow the listed steps.

  • In case your HP printer drags into sleep mode, you can bring into awaken stage through press the ok button.
  • Press the tab button in case printer has the touch screen.
  • Now, you must choose the left and right button to choose the system setup on the verge of LCD screen and click on ok button.
  • Availability of touch screen in HP printer indicates that you would have to click on setting image button and click on system tab button.
  • With the proper arrow key in the touch screen of printer, you must choose the energy setting and click on ok button.
  • Thereafter, you must shortlist the arrow to choose either sleep or auto off sleep and click on OK.
  • Now, you would have to fix sleep delay and auto off for 1 hour and click on ok button.
  • The sleep time can fix according to your expectation. The time variation can be considered.
  • What will you do in case screen does not return back to mainstream? You would have to return key to revert back to mainstream.

In addition to this, you can disable the auto power down functionality of printer. For getting this event, you must execute the following steps.

  • Use the left and right arrow key for choosing system setup of LCD screen and click on ok button.
  • With the addition of arrow keys, you ought to choose energy setting and press ok button.
  • Use the arrow to shut to shut down system and click on ok button.
  • Besides, you can choose never and click ok.
  • Hit the arrow back button in case screen cannot appear.

What will you do in case above two steps are not helpful to remove difficulties?

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