How can you expect the fine working with operation of HP Laptop? Well, there should not be any assembly problem while using HP Laptop to do all study conscious and business oriented work. So you know this which part of HP computer is accountable for offering the making the online connect with this global world and which is accountable for power supply in case power strength of battery is not up to mark. Have you seen the embarrassing sign the USB port of Laptop or device is not capable is recognize the Pen and USB drive for being online crown? What to do when USB ports not working on HP Laptop? The corruption in the USB port of Hp Laptop occurs many times.

However, you are not the single users who are bound to face this interruption. Many others also face same embarrassing message in the context of USB port. On seeing such undesired event in HP laptop, No need to get worry as by taking HP Support you can easily terminate this issue. However, various solution exist for removing such failure in defined time simply follow this guide till last to know more about this issue.

steps to tackle USB ports not working on HP Laptop
steps to tackle USB ports not working on HP Laptop

Top 3 fixes in case USB part is not working on HP laptop

All the fixes is equally useful for all operating systems ranging from windows 10, windows 8 and windows 7. Here, you can lay down the list how USB Port is working better way even get in touch with massive trouble in it.

  1. Disconcert all USB devices and re-align the battery
  2. It would be better that you would have to change the power management setting.
  3. Update all the drivers for the proper working of USB devices

Before jumping in troubleshooting part, you must make sure that USB devices are not functioning well.

First of all, you can disconnect all USB devices and reset your battery:

Having seen the interruption in terms of USB port not working, this is the common hiccups. The solution of this difficulty can be cleared through resting the battery as you let back to get the innovative performance of HP Laptop.

Now, it is sure to follow these steps to remove the technical disturbance.

  1. First of all, you should remove all USB devices from your HP Laptop.
  2. Now, you would have to power off the Laptop and disconnect the power supplies for a while.
  3. Go, you should remove battery from the rear side of Laptop. In case you do not know how to remove it, then you must read the manual of it.
  4. You must wait for a short time and place the battery in right position.
  5. After a long time, you must insert the USB devices and recharge your PC.
  6. Now, you must restart your PC.
  7. One should have to check the USB port to check out the problem has been resolved or not. In case you answer is affirmative, then it would be great. In case problem does in same condition, then you would have to move ahead.


In case you do not have the sufficient time to get victory with technical issue of USB port is not working, then you do not get worry and get the solution of technical issue with our expert team. One should not think on other criterion to resolve this technical and consult HP Laptop Support team to remove the technical failure. We are in this business for long time and keen to give the soon association of technical flaws. Our team does not much time for the resolution of issue. You can dial our toll free number for getting comprehensive details of other services. Visit our official web address to know more information.