Are you facing ‘printer driver is unavailable’ error in your system? When this error comes in your system while printing it means that the drivers you have installed for your printer, either not compatible or are outdated. It may also indicate that your driver is corrupt and the computer fails to recognize it.

Getting the right set of drivers to accompany your computers and laptops is not a big task. However, it should be done in the right way, sometimes it happens that users face an error where Windows is not able to find printer drivers. Hence, you don’t need to worry if your drivers are unavailable, you can resolve the error with troubleshooting steps mentioned below. But before that, you should know the cause behind printer drivers are unavailable issues.

Cause Behind Printer Driver Is Unavailable Windows 10

The printer driver is unavailable issue frequently arises due to the outdated printer driver software which is installed on Microsoft Windows 10 PC.

Most people forget to get their printer driver to update and that’s the main reason why this problem takes place.

To confirm that the printer driver is installed in your Windows 10 PC or not, you need to check the operating system. To fix the Windows 10 Printer Driver is unavailable you can try below-stated tips that are easy to act upon.

resolve Windows 10 Printer Driver Is Unavailable issue

resolve Windows 10 Printer Driver Is Unavailable issue

Troubleshooting Steps To Solve Printer Driver Unavailable Error

To make your printer driver available, you can use either or both of the below-mentioned steps:

  • Reinstall the printer driver
  • Manually Install the printer driver Updates

    1.Reinstall the Printer Driver

    The most common reason behind the occurrence of unavailable printer driver error is improper installation of printer drivers. Just try to reinstall the right driver to troubleshoot this error from the root.

    • Press the Windows + R key on your keyboard.
    • In the dialog box of run enter devmgmt.msc and press OK.
    • Look for your printer driver, once you found it does the right-click on it and selects uninstall the device.
    • From the prompt message, you must click “uninstall” to confirm the same.

    • Now, go to the official site of the HP printer driver and download the genuine driver for your printer that supports windows 10 properly.
    • Install the driver on your PC.
    • Now, check the problem is fixed or not, if not, then follow the second method.

        2.Manually Install The Windows Updates

        Then the second fixation you can do to get rid of Windows 10 Printer Driver is an unavailable issue by manually installing the windows updates. Possibly, you forget to turn automatic updates on your Windows 10 and as a result, the printer driver is temporarily unavailable. Install the windows updates manually and troubleshoot the error.

        Let’s check out the following steps:

        • Under the search bar of your system enter updates.
        • Choose check for updates from the list of searching results.
        • Click on the windows update under the update status.
        • When you see updates are an available option, simply tap on the dialog box to download updates.
        • After the updating process is complete, restart your PC and start your printing operation.If you are still unable to remove printer driver unavailable issue in windows 10, then we encourage you to make contact with the deft engineers. For this, you need to dial HP Printer Support at once.

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