In the age of fast growing technology, everyone depends on computer and peripherals for daily operations at the home, or office. Every computer user needs a printer to compete printing tasks. A printer is an important device that has used for printing tasks. Sometimes, your printer can stop printing, so you’re unable to do the printing tasks. A Mac failing to communicate with a printer is one of the most common errors among users. This error is certainly panic for you.  How to add HP printer to Mac? To resolve this error, you need to follow some technical instructions given below

Check cables and connections cautiously-

There may be a possibility that your printer wire has weakly connected to your mac, which is causing the connection issue. In order to resolve this error, disable the printer wire from your computer system and connect it again. In addition, make sure that all the other wires have connected to the computer system correctly. In such case, it does not resolve your issue, and attempt to connect your printer wire to other port on your Mac computer. In addition, confirm that the USB wire connecting your Mac and printing machine is working correctly. For any doubt, you can call HP Support team immediately.

To do so, you must follow all these steps given below-

  • Go to the option of more info and click on it correctly. Then, move to click on “printers” button.
  • In the case, you will see your device under system profiler, attempt to use some other cord to connect your Mac and printer.
  • In the case, the system profiler app is showing more than one device, you should ensure if the needed program has installed for the second device.

Update printer driver-

If you’re facing print failure after using the similar app continuously, attempt using Mac OSX version program. If your device begins working, it indicates that your driver installed on your computer system is outdated. To update printer driver on your computer system, you need to use the option of the software update. It will improve the performance of OS.  You’re looking for the driver that is not available, you can find out by visiting the website of manufacturer. You can get the copy of the similar by going to your Mac downloading section. You can install the downloaded driver by applying the commands provided on the screen.

Resolve Network issues

 Communication errors can take place due to the network problems. Communication failure between your printer and Mac can take place, in the case of file sharing options are totally turned off or if the browsing option is not available appropriately. To solve a Mac failing to communicate with a printing device, launch apple option and go to the system preferences.

Click on “Network” button, choose advanced option and select Apple Talk. If you find any other printing device in the similar option, attempt to print using that device properly. When you want to print a document through other wireless printers, you need to add the device to the network. For any difficulty, you can call at HP Customer Support Phone Number to get instant support or help from trained printer technicians.

Terminate pending printing jobs and eliminate the printer
  • Often, print failure occurs due to many pending printing jobs aligned in the line. To resolve this issue, you can use the standard utility app and remove all the printing jobs.
  • In addition, you can go to the end corner of the print and fax pane and make the best use of the open printing queue function. Pick up all the pending jobs aligned and eliminate them.
  • Under the system preferences, you can eliminate the printing device. Choose “Print and Fax” button. If you find out the padlock button to open, choose it and enter your login details.
  • Then, you can remove the printing device from the list of the printers by pressing on the minus button. You need to add it more time just by clicking on the plus button. If it has not fixed your issue, you need to take away the printing device and add it once again. Still, if you have any problem, you can call at Hp Customer Support Phone Number to get instant support or help from trained printer experts.