Each HP Printer is completely equipped with a network interface card ( NIC), and has a full media access control address. This MAC address has mainly used to recognize each device linked to a network. When MAC address has enabled, a device that has MAC address on the prime filter list can access the network easily. Every time, you should filter MAC addresses on your router or find out the HP printer’s MAC address. In the case, printer may be more problematic than the personal computer systems. HP Support team can help you a lot to find HP printer’s Mac address easily. Here are some troubleshooting methods to find HP printer Mac address.

Possible Ways to find HP Printer’s Mac Address

Within your windows computer system, you can easily observe MAC address just by typing ipconfig/all in the command prompt. We know very well that the mostly printers are not compatible with keyboard input, therefore you should use the alternative techniques to observe the MAC addresses. Here, we’re discussing the effective technical ways by which you can find your HP printer’s MAC address easily. You should find out your HP printer’s IP address initially, and then you will be able to find out its MAC address.

Find out Your Printer’s IP Address

  • Click on the “windows” key and enter the control panel. You have to click on it to open your system’s control panel.
  • From the hardware and sound field, you need to click on the devices and printers link.
  • Seek for your printing device, make the right click on it and from the pop-up button to select the printer properties.
  • Go for ports button and you have to select standard TCP/IP port entry.
  • After clicking on the configuration port option, you will observe the printer’s IP address in the printer name or IP address box.

Important Steps to find your printer’s MAC address

  • You have to open the fast access button just by making the right click on the start option.
  • Seek for the command prompt and the finding it, easily click to open it.
  • In the command prompt dialogue box, enter, “ Arp-a” and the hit enter option.
  • Scroll down the result until you observe the IP address that you obtained from the above instructions of your printing device.
  • Finally, you will observe your HP Printer MAC address. The MAC address format observes such as “00-1d-7e-e8-d7-27.”


Thereby by following all these above steps, you can find HP Printer’s MAC Address easily. Still, if you have any technical errors, you can call online HP Printer Tech Support team to get immediate support or help. Online printer experts are technically trained to solve your technical problems.