HP is the top-brand company manufactures several technical devices such as printer, laptop, desktop, cameras and etc. When people looking for printing machine to purchase then first preferable brand come to them in their mind is HP because of its reliability and inexpensive. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a wireless printer for your job work, then HP wireless printer would be the top-notch one you can avail from the market. But if you are non-tech and get this printer at your home, then may face trouble to set it up as HP Wireless Printer Setup needs a technical knowledge to do. That’s why, here we have come-up with the most relevant blog which will gonna very helpful in setting up your wireless printer. Once you follow the guidelines mentioned in this post, it is 100% sure very smoothly and quickly you will be able to setup your wireless HP printer. Therefore, instead wandering, keep your eyes feast over here.

HP Wireless Printer Setup With An Ease

HP Wireless Printer Setup With An Ease

Several Methods For HP Wireless Printer Setup

Try-out the below noted several methods one-by-one to complete the HP Wireless Printer Setup process with an ease. Let’s start!

Method 1: HP Auto Wireless Connect

Some newly purchased printer needs to connect with a wireless network. Though you can connect your to a wireless network automatically even without using any cables or entering your wireless network settings. But before start doing this, your system must meet the following requirements:

  • Your operating device must be using Windows 7/8/10
  • Your PC uses a wireless connection to your network and it may control the wireless adapter
  • Your computer must be connected to your wireless network
  • Your computer uses a dynamic IP address

Now, start the following points for HP Wireless Printer Setup:

  • First, you need to search and download the HP printer software on an official site of HP. You have to categorize your printer to obtain the accurate one. If you unable to detect your real printer on the website, contact to customer service team
  • Once the software downloaded completely, then next procedure is run the software downloaded file on your PC
  • Now, Turn your printer ON by pressing the power button
  • Note: The printer will be in “HP Auto Wireless Connect” mode for couple of hours. So you’d better end-up the entire setting up process within two hours only
  • In your computer, follow the on-screen instructions until you are prompted to Connection Type
  • Next, Select “Wireless” option and then tap “Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer (recommended)”. The wording may vary depending on your printer model and computer operating systems
  • Wait for the wireless connection and then done the setup process by just following the rest of the on-screen instructions

If you are finding this method not fruitful for HP Printer Setupgive a brief look on the next method.

Method 2: Wireless Setup Wizard

This method will be done from the printer’s control panel. So your printer should have touch display as without display you can’t perform this task. Therefore, first ensure that your HP Wireless Printer has a touch display screen and then let’s begin the setup guides:

  • First, turn on your printer and then click onto the wireless icon or else go to the “Network” menu
  • Choose the option “Wireless Settings” and then tap Wireless Setup Wizard. Settings may be accessed differently depending on the printer model. If you can’t find it, you can directly consult customer service for help
  • Follow the steps noted on your printer display
  • Now, select your wireless network name and then press “Next” button. If you can’t see your network’s name into the list, you can scroll down and enter your network’s full name to search it
  • Enter the password of your wireless network
  • And then tap OK to confirm the settings

Method 3: WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

Before trying to use this method you have to first confirm about your printer that the device has a physical WPS push button. Now, ready to follow the underneath guides:

  • Open your HP wireless printer first and start the WPS pushbutton mode on it. Different models have different ways to start WPS mode. You can contact customer service if you are not able
  • In a couple of minutes, press the WPS button on your wireless router

After doing that, HP Wireless Printer will successfully setup with no hassle.

 Method 4: Windows Setup

Give a try on the below statements for Windows setup:

  • First, you have to press the Windows Key + I altogether on your keyboard to open the Control Panel window
  • Now, tap on “Devices” option
  • Turn on your printer and go to its “Network” menu
  • In your printer, select your wireless network name and enter the right password to magnificently connect it to your Wi-Fi. Settings can be different according to your printer model. If you don’t know to find it, you can contact customer service for help
  • Get back to your computer. Under “Printers & scanners” tab,  click “+” symbol
  • Choose the printer from the results and then tap on Add device. You should be good to go with HP Wireless Printer Setup

If this doesn’t find helpful, take a look on the next method.

Method 5: USB Cable Connection (Printer Without Display Touch)

This method is for the user who has HP printer without a display touch. To set up a wireless connection, a USB cable is required for a while. Once successfully setup, there is no need of it anymore. Here are the steps you should go through:

  • Turn your printer ON
  • Attach the USB cable in between your computer and the printer
  • Now, go to the official website of HP  and then search your printer software from there and download it instantly in your PC
  • After that, run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen prompts accordingly to install it
  • Once you get the software in your operating device you can feel free to use your HP Wireless Printer

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