It is fact that mostly HP users own HP printers for a long period. It is because they give the permission to you to perform the quality work while using them. At similar time, you can face some kinds of technical errors with your printers. So, it is very important for you that you must have the knowledge of how will you know about it when you face such an issue. It is very important for you that you don’t panic when you get any technical glitch like offline message while printing any document. Therefore, you should follow some important steps given below: –

printer showing offline message
printer showing offline message

When Your Printer Showing Offline Message

  1. Firstly, you make sure that your printer is well connected while using windows 10. It is because a slow connection makes the machine unable to function and thus, you can face many technical errors such as HP Printer Offline Windows 10.  So, you should confirm that the cable that connects your computer system to the printer is properly connected and functional.
  2. You should confirm that you reset the functioning of the printer. It has been discovered as the way of turning off the device for a short time and then turn it on again.
  3. Thirdly, users should check the status of the cartridges. They also check the ink level as it will decide that whether device will print or not. Then, you need to replace it instantly.
  4. Often, a printer may fail due to some blockage that causes the jam. It could be a paper or a paper clip. You make sure that you should check carefully for all these and remove them instantly.


Finally, you should go to the settings option to set your printer and confirm that you should check its status. You need to click on the control panel and finding out the offline printer and set it as default. After all these steps, you should test your printer that it is printing or not. Still, if you are facing Printer Offline Windows 10 error, you can take technical support from certified printer experts.