Undoubtedly, HP printers are the very first preference for personal or business uses, owing to their hi-tech functionalities and excellent printing quality. Yet, this global brand causes some problems which annoys users frequently. One of the most common errors that comes across in front of many users is HP printer is offline. This problem doesn’t only occur after the update in windows 10 rather there are several reasons for it like not having proper connection, paper jamming, faulty driver and many others. However, this HP Printer Is Offline issue not so big that it can’t be fixed you can try taking the support from professionals.

You can’t print a document until or unless offline issue of HP printer doesn’t wipe out. This frustrating issue can be tackled down easily by following some troubleshooting measures. To make sure that another printer error doesn’t come across, you also need to check for paper jams, appropriate installation of ink cartridges and low ink level.

What should I do when my HP printer is offline?
What should I do when my HP printer is offline?
Follow the troubleshoot steps to resolve printer is offline issue in window 10: 
  • At the beginning, reboot your printer by turning it off and then turning it back on. Give it a minute or two to complete its booting process.
  • Ensure that the printer and computer have proper connectivity, whether via cables or network. In the case of network printer, make sure that the back light is flashing green.
  • Login computer with an account that has “manage printers” rights to the printer.
  • Click on the start button then go for “Devices and Printers.”
  • To see the print spooler window, right click on your printer and then select “See What’s Printing”.
  • Now, tap on printer and choose “use printer offline”.
This should resolve the problem by now. If not, then continue following the steps.
  • Get back to devices and printers by closing the print spooler window.
  • Open a web browser and go for official website of HP to download genuine printer driver.
  • Install the driver by following on screen instructions.
Now, try printing again. If the problem still persists, then continue with the steps below:
  • Go to start button and then go for control panel.
  • In the search box, at the top-right corner of the page type troubleshooter. Tap on the troubleshooting link when it appears.
  • Under the hardware and sound click on Use a printer.
  • Follow on-screen instructions.
  • Now, the troubleshooter will try to recognize and fix the issue or will further guide you to address the problem which you can solve easily.

Hopefully, after trying above mentioned steps or measures, the error of Printer Is Offline Windows 10 will be exterminated completely. Somehow, if you are still facing this error then we recommend you to take help from deft professionals. For sure, after taking their support you will be very pleased.