Don’t you just loathe on those times while you need to print something very quickly but your HP Printer is packed away somewhere, or you need to connect it with pesky USB cable? If you pick a wireless printer then with the remote access it enable you to print, fax and scan in windows 10 without being physically attached with it. To know about this more, you can take assistance from HP Printer Customer Support team’s associates. Let’s take a look at the steps to create HP Wireless Printer setup in windows 10.

With some easy steps learn to create HP Wireless Printer Setup in Windows 10

The below mentioned points will direct you towards the steps to create HP wireless printer setup in windows 10. Follow them carefully and enjoy network printing experience.

  • Press Windows and Q keys simultaneously to open the Windows 10 search bar.
  • Enter printer and then choose printers & scanners from the searched results.
  • Now, turn your printer on.
  • Press on the button that says “add a printer or scanner”.
  • Simply choose your printer from the search results and then click on add device.
  • Now, you are good to go. Enjoy wireless printing experience with your HP wireless printer.

While creating HP Wireless printer Setup, you may fall into several issues. One such issue is while your windows system can’t find your HP printer. So, we also consider this factor and offered a solution for this. Just follow the below steps to overcome this issue.

Via HP Printer Customer Support create HP Wireless Printer Setup

Unable to find your HP printer?

There’s a slight chance that Windows might be incapable to locate your HP printer. Well, it is not the end of the world and you can easily rectify this issue by trying to connect your printer to Windows 10 manually. Here’s how:

  • In the Windows 10 search bar enter printer and look in the search section.
  • Now, you need to click on the printers and scanners option.
  • Go for add a printer or scanner and then select the link that says “the printer that I want isn’t listed”.
  • Afterward, click on “add a Bluetooth, wireless or network discover able printer”.
  • Select the connected printer.

Most probably, now you are able to see your HP printer. If not, then make sure that your printer is on and both printer and Windows 10 computer system are on the same Wi-Fi network.

There is one more problem that may arise while printing from a wireless printer that it is not set as the default printer in Windows 10. Thus, you should know the steps to set your printer as default printer in order to enjoy network printing experience.

Change the default printer or set printer as the default one

Windows 10 will automatically try to set the default printer by choosing the one that is most recently used or connected on the wireless network. This is by default toggled on and your OS will remember which printer to use when there is switching between networks. Not everyone wants or like this functionality but luckily it is very easy to turn off.

  • In the search bar of the Windows 10 type printer and then click on Printers & scanners to open it.
  • Now, you need to select and turn off “let windows manage my default printer” option.
  • Choose the printer that you wish to set as default from the viewed list of devices.
  • Click on manage and the press set as default.

That’s all! Well, creating an HP Wireless Printer Setup is not as tough as you think. Still if there is any doubt in your mind related to wireless connection, then feel free to make contact with HP printer Customer Support executive and learn to create HP Wireless printer setup in an efficient manner. They will teach you all the possible yet simplest ways to experience the network printing within your premises.