Does your HP DeskJet D1330 and D1360 series printer is unable to print due to some cartridge error? Right after the installation of a print cartridge in your printer, the power light starts to blink and printer will not print as it should be. You will also see incompatible print cartridge error message on the computer screen. You need to resolve this error message if you want to continue printing. For this, you can take assistance from HP Support team experts. These professionals are well-educated and have proper knowledge to fix these types of errors within a pinch of time.   

Work through the below sections in the given order to get rid of this error. To verify whether the problem is fixed or not, check the power light it should be stop blinking.

Resolve HP DeskJet D1330 and D1360 Incompatible Print Cartridge Error
Resolve HP DeskJet D1330 and D1360 Incompatible Print Cartridge Error

Steps to Resolve HP Deskjet D1330 and D1360 Incompatible Print Cartridge Error:

Close printer cover

First step you need to take is close the printer cover carefully.

Check which one is the problem cartridge: 

  1. If the error message on the computer does not tell you about the particular problem cartridge then follow the below mentioned points to check which cartridge is causing the problem.
  2. Simply open the cartridge access door.
  3. Remove a single cartridge and close the access door.
  4. Now, check at the computer screen, if it still displays cartridge error, then the remaining cartridge is the faulty one. If it doesn’t displays error message, then the removed one is problem cartridge.

To know how you can reinstall the problem cartridge, simply proceed to the next step.

Remove, inspect, and reinstall the problem cartridge:

The electrical contact between the printer and cartridges might be bad. Removing, inspecting and reinstalling the cartridge might help.

  1. Open the cartridge access door and carefully take out one of cartridge.
  2. If there is a tape on it, simply remove it.
  3. Carefully, install it again in the carriage.

Clean the contacts of problem cartridge

  1. For cleaning you needed clean distilled water, cotton swabs, lint free material, paper towels.
  2. Carefully take out the ink cartridge from the printer
  3. See if there is any residue at the electrical contacts
  4. Perform cleaning with lint free material to clean the residue
  5. After that, wait for few minutes until cartridge gets dry
  6. Reinstall it again and check via printing a test page.

If the problem is not solved, you need to insert a new print cartridge within your HP printer. If you don’t have a replacement cartridge, then you can still print in the backup mode. By removing the problem cartridge and printing with the remaining ones. To know more about this you can take HP Printers Support at anytime from anywhere around the globe.