Have you ever noticed the evergreen performance of HP Printer? Well, you must apply the resetting techniques for achieving the superlative result.  With the resettlement of HP Photosmart printer, you get sure assistance of get rid of software led problem and error message related to ink cartridges and printing job. If you are not compelled to trace printer and driver generated error code, then there is the immense need to obtain HP printer support to reset an HP Photosmart printer with the aid of a professional.

General criterion to reset HP Photosmart printer:

Resetting the photosmart printer can be possible through disconnecting this printer from the power source cord. In addition to this, you can restore the top most feature and function with the engagement of online factory resetting. Otherwise, it would be difficult to perceive the quality result. You would have to ask the deserve solution through take the verbal assistance through dialing HP Printer Support Phone Number. Our official team clearly dictates whether they are available to cut down the problem or not.

Obtain HP Printer Support To Reset An HP Photosmart Printer
Obtain HP Printer Support To Reset An HP Photosmart Printer

Method number one to reset printer

  1. Make sure Photosmart printer is powered on and must plug off the USB cable from the rear side of printer.
  2. Nothing need to more and just open the lid of printer and remove the print.
  3. On the next step, you must close the cover of printer and wait for the message display on screen referred as the insert ink cartridges.
  4. Now, you would have to disconnect the power cord of printer.
  5. Wait for a while and reconnect the power cord for obtaining the quality result.
  6. Now, you must wait the printer to automatically power back on.
  7. Again, you need to open the cover of printer and reinsert the ink cartridges to flourish the printing again.
  8. It would be better option to close the cover and reconnect the USB cable again.
  9. By following many essential steps, HP Photosmart printer would be effective to get reset shortly.

Second method:

  1. Another way to reset the HP photosmart printer to reset it by any hook or by crook is to reset factory resetting.
  2. You would have to press the menu button of HP Photosmart printer.
  3. Thereafter, you ought to press the up and down arrow to reach on find and select preference.
  4. In case preference is not available in option, you would have to approach on search option and select all reset menu. Once you reach on reset menu and select tools option. Then, you would have to reach on restore factory defaults.  There may be bit difference for menu layout as the photosmart printer menu may varies.
  5. Lastly, you must highlight the restore defaults and click on ok.


Lastly, it is advised to connect with our diligent team in case you are not capable to reset HP Printer with the implementation of valuable tricks and technique. The association of HP Printer Support expert gives the way to handle all problems in a jiffy. With the passage of time, all of expert become smart to rectify the main cause of problem. Dialing of toll free number would be good for removing technical issue. Scroll down our web page to know more information.