See yourself where you stand after completing the tasks, you want to take print outs of your work, report or application. Now you will click on “Print” and get a notification message describing
Printer offline messages”. But now you stuck into your work, so you need to turn your printing machine online and get it running once again. Having your printer offline status can make you more panic, if you want to print any document.

If you have upgraded recently from windows 8 or 7 to windows 10, you can face a printer offline error along with windows 10. You can get the messages like why your printer say  Printer is offline from time to time. You should know correctly how to fix this issue so that you can cover your work with which you were engaged earlier. If you are unable to bring your printer online again. Contact HP Printer Offline Windows 10 team to get the best technical resolutions from certified printer experts.

Printer is Saying Offline Status on Windows 10
Printer is Saying Offline Status on Windows 10

Verify Printer Connectivity Status while Printer is Saying Offline

Your HP printer offline status could be a connectivity error with your computer system. It could mean that the device is not certainly connected to the system and in a sense, it essentially is offline. You make sure that your device is gaining the power and restart it for any issues. After that, your printer is connected rightly to the computer system through USB cable or a wired/ wireless network.

Confirm Printer’s Pairing in Windows 10 

What types of errors can arise when your system says hp printer is offline? Then your printer can not be identified or paired in the system.  You can open up windows 10 settings and navigate to the devices and then to printers and devices. So, if you have connected your printer correctly to your computer system, you will get your printer offline status errors. You need to make right click on the device and click, “Set as default printer”.

Other Techniques of Repairing your Printer

Apart from all these steps, you can use restarting the print spooler service from windows 10 services that will recharge the system’s connectivity to it. You can add the printer as a “second printer” to get it identified and working. If all these steps fail to fix HP Printer Offline errors, you need to restore existing drivers from device manager. Then you should reinstall printer’s drivers and software form given CD or printer’s website.

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