Have you checked your USB cable connection whether it is properly plugged in or not, or the printer is connected to Wi-Fi? Is the connection is well-associated between both the devices printer and computer system? But still finding the error issue with your printer that it is not printing any document? If really so, then don’t worry! There might be other reasons in occurrence of this glitch. Check out the paper whether it is in the tray or not and also make sure that the ink or toner cartridges aren’t empty. Once you find the exact possible causes of this problem, you will easily exterminate Printer Not Printing type of issue. Moreover, you can take assistance from the well-qualified and highly professional specialists to overcome this hiccup.

Printer Won’t Print is a common issue experienced by most of the HP printer users. This issue can come up due to various reasons, from connectivity issues to faulty configurations or drivers. If you are wandering for the resolution, you can give the methods as follows a try. These can helpful you to fix your HP printer won’t print problem.

My Printer Won't Print
My Printer Won’t Print

Methods To Fix My Printer Won’t Print Issue

If you are 100% assured that Everything Is Connected Perfectly, then you should perform the other fixation process to troubleshoot this problem. Try out the below mentioned methods to rectify your problem. Have a look at the noted lines and perform as it is task on your computer, laptop or HP printer.

Method 1

Update HP Printer Driver

In many cases, printer won’t print due to faulty drivers. You must require updating or reinstalling your printer driver to fix your HP printer unable to print issue.

 Method 2

Set HP Printer By Default

When you are trying to print something, your computer will automatically allot the printing tasks to default printer. So, your HP printer perform print job if you neither set it as default printer nor select it as the printer to print. Follow the below steps if you really want to set your HP printer as default:

  • Press “Window + R” keys on your keyboard simultaneously to open Run dialog. In this dialog, type “control” and hit Enter. This will open Control Panel
  • In Control Panel select Devices and Printers
  • In Printers section, right click on your “HP printer” and then select “Set as default printer”. Click on “Yes” if prompted
  • There is now a tick mark below the icon of your HP printer which indicates that it is now set as default printer

Method 3

Cancel All Print Jobs

Another possible cause of your HP Printer Not Printing issue is the print queue stuck. The print queue containing failed, print jobs can stop functioning and lead to printer not printing issue. You can clear all print jobs to get rid of this problem.

Have you done with the above written procedures from top to the end? Does your HP printer still refuge to print the document? Are you feeling blue and want an instant quality based solution to remove this problem? If yes, then place a call on the given helpline number only.