During printing document with your printer device, the paper may stuck into the paper tray and stop printing any page. This problem may arise due to ‘printer in error state’. Your printer won’t work at that moment. To fix this issue instantly you will have to make sure the printer is turned on and it is connected to your PC via USB port or Wi-Fi. You should also check it for low paper or ink, and be sure the cover isn’t opened and the paper isn’t jammed. You may also take advice from HP Printer Support team for knowing the detailed information about this error and the process of eliminating such an issue.

Many printers around the globe come across the error “Printer in Error State”. This error is not restricted to only one brand; it can occur in almost all of them. Such an error basically means that the printer is in an error state such as the correct drivers might not be installed, the ink or cartridges might be placed correctly or it has run into an error condition and needs to be restarted. It is rather impossible to list one solution for this generic problem. We have the listed the most working solutions in this blog. So, just keep continue reading this page by the end.

My Printer Show Error State
My Printer Show Error State
Possible Solutions To Fix My Printer Show Error State

Follow the below given instructions to get some ideas and ways to cope-up this error state. Have a glance and perform as it is on your device:

Solution 1

Check Physical Components

Before we plunge into software discrepancies in the system, it is worthwhile to check all the physical components. Physical components including the configuration and installation of the toner, the power supply, the paper stack, the cover, paper jamming etc. Also make sure that the printer is connected properly to the computer.

Solution 2

Power Cycling The Entire System

Another way to reset bad configurations is to power cycle your entire setup. There has been a known issue in the printer of all sorts where they get into a bad configuration and are not fixed until they are rebooted properly. Power cycling is the act of completely turning off your computer/printer and disconnect the power.

Solution 3

Uninstall The Printer And Printer Applications

You can also try to uninstall the printer and then install the default drives when we do. Uninstalling the printer removes all data related to the printer from your computer so you can install it from scratch.

Solution 4

Update Printer Driver

Updating printer driver is one of the best way to eradicate printer in stater error issue. Therefore, update it with the latest version and then try to print test.

In case the above information is not sufficient to make understand on your own, then you can direct communicate our team of qualified techies via dialing HP Support Number. They will proffer you handy remedy of this print error state issue.